Chicken Feed

What Are You Feeding?

The Universal Chicken Feed

The Universal Chicken Feed, 1904

The Universal Chicken Feed, page 169

Mr. Call remained a seeker for truth to the end of his days in the hen business....

'What are you feeding?' was his stock question, and though there was a discouraging sameness to the replies he got, he persevered with a devotion worthy of a loftier cause. He felt that there was something his hens lacked that once found would make them lay every day of the year. That something eluded him. Often he thought he had it. Once he grapsed at sunflower seeds; he had heard of them before, but had clean forgotten them. Again, India wheat came to him as a revelation. He thought that an evening mash might be better than a morning. He tried everything, only to be disappointed in the result. But because he had been many times disappointed was no proof that he always to be. Hope sprung eternal in his breast. Sometime, somewhere, unless the public wearied of his quest before he did, he would light upon the right thing, and then begin to get his money back....