Poultry Press

I'm a teacher more than I am a farmer, but I've been both all the way along. And I've been a newspaperman, too. I've been--you know, American style--I've been a little of everything as I came up with an art--with an art, you see. And one of the things about art is that you have to find a refuge, while you're starting it, from hasty judgments. And farming was one for me. And teaching was another. And newspaper work was another.

-- Robert Frost, From a speech given at Rockhurst College on November 17, 1959 (Quoted in Lathem, E.C. (ed.) Robert Frost Speaking on Campus: Excerpts From His Talks, 1949-1962 (2009), page 112)

Two of Robert Frost's articles address the poultry trade journals of the early 1900s. "The Same Thing Over and Over" describes a salesman's efforts to convince a farmer that the journal he represents is more than a series of articles recycling the same advice without end. "The Question of A Feather" narrates the story of the fictitious journal Hendom and its editor's interaction with a faithful reader.

Both stories capture typical relationships within the trade publication community among writers, editors, advocates, casual readers, and serious practitioners.

This exhibit includes materials about past and current poultry trade publications and resources.

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