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All About Broilers and Market Poultry Generally

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In undertaking the task of writing a treatise on broilers and market poultry, it shall be the aim of the writer to overdraw nothing, but to present things in their true light. It is with the object of teaching the novice, and avoiding mistakes so often made by those who take their maiden step into the business, that this book is written.


Profitable Poultry Farming

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It is customary, in writing a book, to have a preface, and that is the only excuse I have for giving one. I have written this work for the purpose of assisting the novice who has taken on the "hen fever," and would like practical advice with the enthusiasm left off. If I succeed in my mission I am satisfied. I oppose gigantic ventures, as I see no…

A Living From Poultry. A Treatise Written From Actual Experience, Showing How to Make a Start in Poultry Farming With Limited Capital. A Host of Facts That Are of Untold Value To Those About Beginning

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"Can I make a living with poultry?" is a question that comes as regularly to the editor's desk as the months appear on the calendar.

"Is there a living in poultry? " is but a twin sister to the first inquiry.

The latter question is more easily solved than the former. That a living, and a good living, can be derived from poultry culture, has…

Poultry Secrets: Gathered, Tested and Now Disclosed

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Publishers' Foreword

This work has been prepared by Michael K. Boyer, one of the foremost poultrymen of the United States. In its preparation he has drawn on his own great storehouse of experience, and on those of his many friends who are authorities on poultry. It is packed full of information not generally known to the average poultryman.…