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Poultry Fattening: A Practical Guide to the Fattening, Killing, Shaping, Dressing, and Marketing of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys

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As a Past-Master of the Poulters' Company of London, I very willingly accepted the proffered opportunity of glancing through the following pages, while they were still in manuscript form, and it appears to me, albeit a work necessarily dealing with theory as much as with experience, to be an exceedingly useful and suggestive treatise on the…

The Poultry Keeper's Vade-Mecum

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No branch of stock-breeding is, or can be, so general as poultry-keeping, which is within the opportunity of almost every section of the community, each carrying out the work in accordance with its immediate conditions. That is certainly the case with fowls, and to a lesser extent with ducks. Geese and turkeys can alone be profitably bred where…