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Poultry Appliances & Handicraft: How to Make & Use Labor-Saving Devices. With Descriptive Plans for Food & Water Supply, Building & Miscellaneous Needs. Also Treats on Artificial Incubation & Brooding

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About one hundred and fifty handy devices are explained and illustrated in this little book. These have been selected for superior merit from a much larger number available. Here skilled poultry keepers from all parts of the country have detailed the favorite short-cuts that have saved them most loss and trouble. Many new ideas have been added,…

Poultry Feeding and Fattening: Including Preparation for Market, Special Finishing Methods, As Practiced by American and Foreign Experts, Handling Broilers, Capons, Waterfowl, etc

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The weak point in general poultry books has been the scant attention given to the subject of the standard and improved methods of feeding and marketing. The result is that the practical knowledge of these branches of poultry keeping has lagged behind the others.

Of all live stock, poultry is most often misfed, overfed or underfed. Conditions…