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Artificial Incubating and Brooding

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A person who is at all well informed will not dispute the claim that the poultry business in the United States is now an important national industry. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important, not alone in this, but in every other civilized country, for poultry and eggs are much esteemed the world around as a highly nutritious and…

Successful Poultry Keeping: A Text Book for the Beginner and for All Persons Interested in Better Poultry and More of It. Contains the "Secrets of Success" Both for Pleasure and Profit. New and Valuable Information on All Branches of the Poultry Business

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This book is essentially a compilation of the writings and experiences of many practical, observing business men who are poultrymen first, then fanciers or purveyors to the poultry markets as their several interests dictate. We have endeavored to collect the latest and best reliable information for the beginner with poultry, telling him how to…

The Leghorns: Brown, White, Black, Buff and Duckwing

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A Favorite Family Fowl, That Is Equally at Home on the Farm and in the Show Room—A Glance at Their Present Standing, With a Few Remarks on Type and Color—The Standard Down-to-Date—Browns, Whites, Blacks, Buffs, Duckwings.

Leghorns, figuratively speaking, cover the earth. Take the world over, and Leghorns, perhaps,…

Eggs and Egg Farms

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We have endeavored to obtain for the readers of Eggs and Egg Farms the latest trustworthy information in reference to this important and profitable branch of the poultry industry. Almost every person is in a position to make money by keeping a few fowls to supply the daily egg needs of the home table, or a greater number to satisfy the appetites of…

The Asiatics. Brahmas, Cochins and Langshans. All Varieties. Their Origin; Peculiarities of Shape and Color; Egg Production; Their Market Qualities; Breeding, Mating and Exhibiting, With Detailed Instructions on Judging

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Mr. Darwin tells us that "sufficient materials do not exist for tracing the history of the separate breeds" of fowls, and it is equally true that sufficient material does not exist for tracing the growth (or evolution) of the domestic fowls of today as a whole, but from what materials we have and by what we can surmise we can piece together a…