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200 Eggs a Year Per Hen: How to Get Them. A Practical Treatise on Egg Making and Its Conditions and Profits in Poultry

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We hear a good deal said in these days about the 200 egg hen. Some are disposed to deny her existence, and to class her with such fabulous or semi-fabulous birds as the phoenix and dodo. Others admit that she has appeared in isolated instances, but is by no means common. Others contend that if she should appear in large numbers it would be a…

Side Line Poultry Keeping : "Two Dollars A Day From Poultry and Eggs"

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This book is rewritten to meet the needs of those who wish to keep poultry as a side line. So far as the author knows it occupies a field peculiarly its own. Many books have been written about poultry keeping the past few years, and many articles have appeared in the papers on the subject, but the books and articles have been written either to give…