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Poultry as Food

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Poultry has for many centuries supplied a large proportion of the food of civilized man, and in almost every country of the world the poultry industry is an important branch of agriculture. According to the returns of the census for 1900, the total number of chickens, including guinea fowls, on farms in the United States was 233,598,085; the total…

Poultry Experiments in 1902

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This Bulletin contains an account of breeding for egg production, including the egg record of the breeding pens for 1902; experiments upon the amount of floor space and other conditions of housing in relation to egg yields ; and experiments in incubation of eggs.

Seventh Annual Cataloge of Cyphers Incubator Company: Manufacturers of the Cyphers Non-Moisture, Self-Ventilating and Self-Regulating Incubators, The Improved Cyphers Brooders and A Full Line of Poultry Appliances, Also Dealers in Poultry Supplies

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Up to six years ago, when the Cyphers was placed on the market, a non-moisture, self-ventilating incubator had never been heard of in America, or in any other country. The Cyphers, therefore, is the original and only genuine non-moisture and self-ventilating incubator. Other so-called non-moisture and self-ventilating incubators are either…

From Shell to Show Room: A Compendium of Useful Information, Covering Every Phase of Poultry Growing From the Egg to Maturity

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It was this idea of educating the new breeder to a better way of starting in the business, and avoiding the errors which have wrecked the hopes of many inexperienced ones, who started wrong, with no available reference to correct them, that the authors of this book planned a publication of this kind. It is our aim to tell you in a way that is easy…