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Poultry Experiments

Poultry Experiments 1905.jpg
This bulletin contains an account of investigations in breeding poultry for egg production; the methods employed in the selection of breeding stock; and detailed accounts of the methods of feeding hens and chickens.

The Plough and The Book: An Address

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The coming work will be with the soil and how to get the best results from it, the improvement not only of our breeds of livestock, but of our grains and grasses, of our methods of feeding. Away in the distance we see a transformation scene in this vista just as we have seen it in our farm implements, or as we see it exemplified every day in our…

First Lessons in Poultry Keeping: First Year Course

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Before taking up the regular work of this course every reader who intends to follow it through the year should consider carefully a few propositions about poultry keeping. These may not be in accordance with some ideas about it which he has absorbed, he knows not where; but if he is to get much benefit from these lessons he must accept them, at…

Broilers and Roasters : The Specialties of the Market Poultryman

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Why Only Broilers and Roasters are Considered.

This book will treat especially, and almost exclusively, of broilers and roasters because these are the two classes of market poultry in which one making a specialty of growing poultry (chickens) for market is interested. It might be said that broilers and roasters are the only chickens grown for…

A Short Story for Poultry Raisers, Enlarged and Illustrated

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This little book is merely suggestive of the great subject of poultry raising, being a collection of a few facts in regard to the principal breeds of poultry raised in this country, the hatching and raising of the chicks, the proper food under different conditions and the most suitable houses and runs. No attempt has been made to give a history of…

Practical Farm Buildings: Plans and Suggestions

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Describes Dr. Charlemagne Bricault's "New-Idea" Poultry House and the Maine Experiment Station's Curtain-Front House