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Artificial Incubating and Brooding

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A person who is at all well informed will not dispute the claim that the poultry business in the United States is now an important national industry. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important, not alone in this, but in every other civilized country, for poultry and eggs are much esteemed the world around as a highly nutritious and…

The Plymouth Rocks: Barred, White, and Buff. Their Practical Qualities, The Standard Requirements, How to Judge Them, How to Breed and Mate for Best Results

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The interest in Plymouth Rocks is almost worldwide; no other fancy fowl has awakened so much enthusiasm. To perfect and beautify it, more continuous hard labor has been performed and more profound study given than has ever fallen to the lot of any other variety of fancy fowls. Theories have been evolved and almost as often exploded. Yet, one point…

Poultry Houses: Coops & Equipment

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It is easier and less expensive to build a poultry house on the most advantageous location and to construct it properly than it is to change it after it is built, to meet the requirements. The matter of location is an important one. Permanent poultry buildings should never be located upon heavy soil if it can be avoided. Such soil is better adapted…

First Lessons in Poultry Keeping

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This series originally appeared in Farm-Poultry serially in 1905-06. The third year course series is now running in that paper.

How to Make Poultry Pay: Trustworthy Money-Making Information Covering the Experience of Many Recognized
Authorities and Successful Breeders

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The breeding of domestic poultry has reached a point in this country where the most down-to- date methods must be applied if the results sought for are to be attained. Every year there are thousands of new recruits added to the rank of poultry enthusiasts. They come from all walks of life and are interested alike in making a success of their…

Poultry Investigations at the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station

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For many years poultry work has been carried on at the University of Maine. It was not, however, until 1897 that the Maine Experiment Station decided to begin a series of poultry investigations on a somewhat extended scale. Since 1904 this work has been carried on in cooperation with the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States Department of…