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Incubators: Cyphers Brooders, Poultry Houses and Appliances, Poultry Foods, Clover and Alfalfa Products, Insecticides and Remedies

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Among the pages of this Annual Catalogue and Guide will be found two chapters that are of special interest ; one tells of the remarkable growth and present magnitude of what today is known as, the Poultry Industry; the other describes and seeks to explain the rapid increase in the prices of market poultry and eggs during the last six years. The…

Poultry Experiments

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This bulletin contains an account of the brooder houses, houses for hens, and the methods of feeding used at the Station; the Maine Station trap nest; and a feeding experiment with whole vs. cracked corn.

Successful Poultry Keeping: A Text Book for the Beginner and for All Persons Interested in Better Poultry and More of It. Contains the "Secrets of Success" Both for Pleasure and Profit. New and Valuable Information on All Branches of the Poultry Business

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This book is essentially a compilation of the writings and experiences of many practical, observing business men who are poultrymen first, then fanciers or purveyors to the poultry markets as their several interests dictate. We have endeavored to collect the latest and best reliable information for the beginner with poultry, telling him how to…

Eggs and Egg Farms

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We have endeavored to obtain for the readers of Eggs and Egg Farms the latest trustworthy information in reference to this important and profitable branch of the poultry industry. Almost every person is in a position to make money by keeping a few fowls to supply the daily egg needs of the home table, or a greater number to satisfy the appetites of…

The Incubator and Its Use

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I am induced to place this little work entitled "The Incubator and its Use," before the public for various reasons. One is, that we are constantly flooded with letters from all parts of the country asking innumerable questions on the subject, of which the following are specimens: "Which is the best incubaator?" "What is the proper degree of heat to…

The Common-Sense Poultry Doctor

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Of books and booklets on poultry diseases there are in the English language possibly a score — not including pamphlets or circulars distributed to advertise remedies. Besides, nearly every general work on poultry contains a chapter on poultry diseases.

Of works on poultry diseases a goodly proportion are by men who may be considered specialists,…

The Perfected Poultry of America: A Concise, Illustrated Treatise of the Recognized Breeds of Poultry, Turkeys, and Water-Fowl

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That the poultry interests of America have long demanded a book like this can not be doubted. The great volume of literature on the subject is so disconnected that it would be next to the impossible to trace the subject-matter with any degree of satisfaction. Therefore, the importance of having in one volume the information pertaining to the…