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The Home Poultry Book

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No doubt the experts whose eyes chance to fall on this book will say that it is elementary. It is, and purposely so. It is designed first and last for the amateur who has no time and inclination to read technical or semi-technical books on poultry keeping. It aims to tell the man with a few hens what to do and how to do it.

Hints to Poultry Raisers

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Every poultry keeper should have a copy of the American Standard of Perfection.

Have everything ready beforehand and start your hatching operations early in the year.

A well-ventilated cellar is the best place to operate the incubator.

The machine should be operated according to the manufacturer's…

The Organization of Boys' and Girls' Poultry Clubs

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Statistics show that the loss due to the improper handling of eggs throughout the country is enormous, extending into many millions of dollars annually. It is an equally established fact that strictly fresh eggs command a higher price than those commonly designated as store eggs, and if the farmer, who is the largest producer of this well-known…

Open-Air Poultry Houses For All Climates

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Henry B. Prescott, practical poultryman, Derry, N. H., believes in fresh air for poultry of all ages. His remarks concerning chicks are of interest: "An abundance of good vitalized air is an important factor in poultry raising. The fresh air chick comes into the world with an especially good lease on life for he is possessed of one of the most…

Poultry Common Sense: A Compendium of Useful Receipts, Formulas and Suggestions for Poultry Raisers, Including Monthly Pen, Egg and Hatching Records For One Year

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Feeling that a compact, ready reference book comprising useful poultry receipts, formulas, yearly egg record and hints or "short cut" suggestions in poultry culture would be appreciated particularly by amateurs, as well, perhaps by many more experienced in poultry raising, is what prompted us in offering this book to the public.

This book is…

Profits in Poultry Keeping Solved

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In the way of introduction to those who have never heard of me or of my new methods, it is perhaps advisable that I should say something about myself. I was born a poultryman ; my father before me bred fancy stock all his life and from a small boy I gathered eggs, took charge of the poultry, exhibited them at the country fairs and had birds of my…

Money in Reds. De Graff Poultry Farm. Amsterdam, N. Y.

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Brother Fancier:
In preparing my 1913 catalogues, I have tried to give you as true an idea of this farm, the quality of Red stock raised here and my methods of caring for them, as the limited space will allow. I will prove to your perfect satisfaction that the matter of distance makes no difference in shipping eggs or stock, when properly handled,…