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Poultry House Construction

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This article explains the essential principles of poultry-house construction, showing pictures of houses and fixtures which have given satisfaction in various sections of the country, with their plans and specifications; and contains hints on construction which will assist the poultryman in planning and erecting his…

Poultry Secrets: Gathered, Tested and Now Disclosed

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Publishers' Foreword

This work has been prepared by Michael K. Boyer, one of the foremost poultrymen of the United States. In its preparation he has drawn on his own great storehouse of experience, and on those of his many friends who are authorities on poultry. It is packed full of information not generally known to the average poultryman.…

Основы и практической работы в разведение домашней птицы

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Метод лечения в этой книге в простой, научный метод, - представления основных фактов в логическом порядке. В этот метод привел к некоторые отступления от обычного способа представления птицы темы. единства птицы группы является здесь задумана в качестве основного, и, вытекающие из характера птиц, а не в качестве искусственного и в связи с целями,…

Success With Poultry: A Book on Successful and Profitable Poultry Raising, Containing Valuable Information for Persons Who Think of Engaging in Any Branch of The Poultry Business for Profit

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This book is to be compiled in dead earnest. Poultry keeping may be a fad with a limited few, but in a vast majority of cases it is a serious matter, a question of bread and butter, of a livelihood, and any book written or compiled on the subject of Success with Poultry should view the poultry business in this light. We shall not put into this book…

A Complete Treatise of the Methods Used by Tom Barron, England, in Producing Heavy Layers

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Doing over nature, forcing the hen to lay eggs to an extent heretofore impossible has been the life work of the most justly celebrated of poultry breeders, Tom Barron, of Catforth, England; doing the very thing that nature made no provision for is the result of Tom Barron's work with hens, a work teeming with success to a degree that no American…

Productive Poultry Husbandry: A Complete Text, Dealing With the Principles and Practices Involved in the Management of Poultry

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The exceedingly large and ever-increasing demand for poultry and poultry products, at home and for export, has caused the poultry business to become so profitable, when conducted upon a scientific basis, that no breeder can afford to lack the latest knowledge of best methods in all its branches.

A number of poultry books have appeared during…