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Standard Varieties of Chickens: III. The Asiatic, English, and French Classes

THE BREEDS of chickens included in the Asiatic, English, and French classes are in the main of a relatively large size, and have been developed primarily as meat breeds. They are not so commonly kept in this country as either the general-purpose or the egg breeds. The best-known meat breeds in the United States are those of the Asiatic class.…

A Simple Trap Nest for Poultry

A Simple Trap Nest For Poultry.jpg

A TRAP NEST is a laying nest so arranged that after a hen enters it she is confined until released by the attendant. The trap nest shown in the accompanying illustrations is used with good results on the Government poultry farm, and is quite similar to the nest used at the Connecticut State Experiment Station. It is very…

The Plymouth Rock Standard and Breed Book

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A Complete Description of All Varieties of Plymouth Rocks, With the Text in Full From The Latest (1915) Revised Edition of the American Standard of Perfection as it Relates to All Varieties of Plymouth Rocks. Also, With Treatises on Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, Housing, Conditioning for Exhibitions, Exhibiting--etc.