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Selection and Care of Poultry Breeding Stock

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One of the essentials for success in poultry-club work is good stock. This means standardbred stock; 1 for this stock has been bred and developed for specific purposes and therefore best meets the needs of the boy or girl. A flock of standardbred fowls possesses a uniformity of appearance which the mongrel flock never has, and will arouse the club…

Brood Coops and Appliances

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Every boy and girl club member should provide a good coop for the mother hen and little chickens. If you do not have one already, it should be built before it is time for the little chicks to hatch. Many boys and girls build their coops in the wintertime so as to have them ready for use in the spring, and when this is done a nest box can be placed…

Management of Growing Chicks

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The care of growing chicks, especially during very warm weather, is most important, and every boy or girl who is a member of a poultry club or is raising chickens should give them the best of care at this time if he or she wishes to succeed. The baby chicks may be smart little fellows from strong, vigorous parent stock, and they may have been…

Culling for Eggs and Market

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Every boy or girl who keeps poultry naturally desires to make as much profit as possible. To do so it is important that every hen kept should be a good layer and that all cockerels except those for breeding purposes (as well as pullets that lack vigor and vitality) should either be eaten or canned for home use or be sold as soon as they are large…

Selection and Preparation of Fowls for Exhibition

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This Bulletin has been written briefly and in simple terms for beginners, and especially for members of Boys' and Girls' Poultry Clubs.

Poultry exhibitions are not only of educational value but encourage the desire to excel in producing a high quality of stock.

Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry

How to Feed Poultry for Any Purpose With Profit

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The aim of this book is to give a working knowledge of the whole subject of poultry feeds and feeding. The conditions of modern life, and the economic developments in poultry culture, and in other interests directly or indirectly related to it, make some acquaintance with the scientific side of the subject essential. A generation ago, under what we…

Profitable Culling and Selective Flock Breeding

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One of the most important advance steps in commercial poultry keeping in recent years, and one that promises to exercise a truly great influence upon the development and permanent upbuilding of the industry, is the more exact knowledge poultry keepers now have of the characters of individual fowls; also the extent to which these characters, whether…

Use of Artificial Light to Increase Winter Egg Production

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After the average person gets used to the idea of the use of artificial light to increase egg production, the first or main prejudice commonly met with is that it is a forcing process; that it means overworking the hens and therefore must result, sooner or later, in an injury to them, or in their physical breakdown. The welcome fact is that this…