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Fundamentals in Poultry Breeding

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The breeding of poultry to high standards of productiveness and beauty is one of the most fascinating pursuits in which people of creative instincts and cultivated taste can engage. It is also the line of such work open to the greatest number of people.

In the nature of the case the work of systematic improvement of nearly all our domestic…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: IV. The Ornamental Breeds and Varieties

The ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens often have an unusual appeal, and a breeder who may be first attracted to such fowls by their unusual plumage or form may later develop a flock which has decided utility value. Thus the keeping of ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens contributes to pleasure and the possibility of ample reward…

Care of Mature Fowls

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Poultry-Club members should get good returns from their hens, as a small flock of fowls will give excellent results if they receive the proper feed and care, and the waste from the kitchen, table, and garden will help materially in keeping down the feed bill. The henhouse should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and made tight for the winter. See…

Best Methods of Feeding

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General Theory and Practice of Feeding

The Feeding of Poultry as a Practical Science is of Comparatively Recent Origin, But Its Development Has Been Followed by Rapid Improvement in Results

Until comparatively recent years, most poultry keepers paid no attention to whether the food they were giving their poultry was suitable or not. If they…

Poultry Farming Course

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YOUR enrollment as a student of The National Poultry Institute signifies that you are interested in poultry keeping and that you desire a complete practical course of instruction. This being your object you have taken a step in the right direction. The course of instruction, in poultry husbandry of the N. P. I. is…

How to Tell the Sex of an Egg before Incubation, and How to Tell the Sex of a Chick When Hatched

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There are many devices and ideas being sold on the market which claim to reveal a method of testing the sex of an egg before incubation, or of a chick as soon as hatched. We have tested practically all of these known methods and have found most of them unreliable.

It is only after testing a method that was discovered by Mrs. Noda Fry, of…

The Poultry Keeper's Vade-Mecum

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No branch of stock-breeding is, or can be, so general as poultry-keeping, which is within the opportunity of almost every section of the community, each carrying out the work in accordance with its immediate conditions. That is certainly the case with fowls, and to a lesser extent with ducks. Geese and turkeys can alone be profitably bred where…

The Wyandotte Standard and Breed Book: A Complete Description of all Varieties of Wyandottes

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For a number of years there has been a growing demand among poultry breeders for the publication by the American Poultry Association of what are popularly known as Separate Breed Standards — a series of books each one containing the official Standard description of a single breed, and in addition, reliable and authoritative information in regard to…

Standard Poultry for Exhibition

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A Complete Manual of the Methods of Expert Exhibitors on Growing, Selecting, Conditioning, Training and Showing Poultry--Fully Describing Fitting Processes and Exposing Faking Practices--Briefly Explaining Judging for the Amateur and Furnishing The Student of Judging an Exhaustive Analysis of the History, Philosophy and Merits of Comparison and…