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Poultry House Construction

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Hens need a comfortable house, one that is dry and roomy, with plenty of fresh air and sunlight. It never pays to overcrowd them.

A plain shed-roof house is most economical, and most satisfactory. It should be so arranged that it will be easy to clean and for general convenience.

It is easier to keep the birds healthy, and to reproduce the…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: V. The Bantam Breeds and Varieties

Bantam chickens have a strong appeal to grown people and to children alike. Interest in them is widespread. They are bred extensively for exhibition and are kept also as pets and as utility fowl. The standard breeds and varieties of bantams include such a wide range of shape, color, and other characteristics that any individual taste can be suited…

Poultry Management

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FIRST ATTEMPTS at poultry raising should begin in a small
way with a few fowls, and before large investments are made the business should be learned thoroughly. Mistakes will be made and many difficult problems will be presented for solution before any large measure of success will be attained. As soon as the…

Our Domestic Birds: A Popular Primer of Aviculture

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"Our Domestic Birds" is a book for children too young to read books written for adults, and for older people too busy to read more technical works for the information of general interest which they contain. Its purpose is to teach the things that everyone ought to know about domestic birds. It is a book about these birds and their relations to man,…