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Large scale variation in DNA copy number in chicken breeds

Large scale variation in DNA copy number in chicken breeds.jpg

Detecting genetic variation is a critical step in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying phenotypic diversity. Until recently, such detection has mostly focused on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) because of the ease in screening complete genomes. Another type of variant, copy number variation (CNV), is emerging as a…

The China Fowl: Shanghae, Cochin, and "Brahma"

The China Fowl.jpg
This volume is written with two specific purposes in view: first, to give a brief and succinct account, as far as the record permits, of the introduction into America of the Chinese varieties of domestic fowls, subsequently to the appearance of this notable race of poultry in England (in 1843-44) ; and secondly, to correct the numerous errors and…

The White Leghorns: From the Shell to the Exhibition Room

The White Leghorns.jpg
Never, in all our experience at poultry exhibitions, have we seen a finer display of one breed of fowls than on an occasion lately. We visited a friend of our youth. Entering the well-kept grounds, we were enchanted with the display of flowers, shrubs, beautiful trees, sparkling fountains, fine statuary, — all the creations of wealth and taste.…

The Asiatics. Brahmas, Cochins and Langshans. All Varieties. Their Origin; Peculiarities of Shape and Color; Egg Production; Their Market Qualities; Breeding, Mating and Exhibiting, With Detailed Instructions on Judging

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Mr. Darwin tells us that "sufficient materials do not exist for tracing the history of the separate breeds" of fowls, and it is equally true that sufficient material does not exist for tracing the growth (or evolution) of the domestic fowls of today as a whole, but from what materials we have and by what we can surmise we can piece together a…

The Quest of the Leghorn. A Book of Few Theories, Many Facts

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This little work makes no claim to special literary merit, nor to interest, save that which must attach to the mere recital of facts hitherto unknown to American fanciers. We have aimed throughout to give facts and let them stand without much help from preconceived theories. As we would write to a friend the account of what we learned, we have…

Money in Reds. De Graff Poultry Farm. Amsterdam, N. Y.

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Brother Fancier:
In preparing my 1913 catalogues, I have tried to give you as true an idea of this farm, the quality of Red stock raised here and my methods of caring for them, as the limited space will allow. I will prove to your perfect satisfaction that the matter of distance makes no difference in shipping eggs or stock, when properly handled,…

Standard-Bred Leghorns: Brown, White, Buff, Black and Silver Duckwing. Their Origin and History and Practical Qualities. The Standard Requirements. How to Mate and Breed for Best Results.

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This new breed book, devoted to the Leghorn race of domesticated poultry, is published at a time when thousands of poultry raisers are taking up the different varieties of Leghorns for the purpose of supplying the ever-increasing demand for white eggs — a demand not local, but extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast and from the Dominion…

Standard-Bred Orpingtons, Black, Buff and White

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This breed book, devoted to the Orpington race of domesticated poultry, is the first and most complete of its kind published in America. England has produced many Standard-bred varieties of superior merit and surpassing beauty in the past, but we have no hesitation in stating that its newest production, the Orpington, is the most universally…

Maple Farm of Midlothian: Specialty Breeders of White Plymouth Rocks of Quality and Usefulness

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When you buy a bird, eggs for hatching or Baby Chicks you want all that you pay for. We intend to give every purchaser of poultry from this farm a square deal and we guarantee to live up to the rules of our catalog at all times.

Don't ask us to break our rules; you should know before you entrust us with your confidence and money what you will…

Standard-Bred Rhode Island Reds, Rose and Single Comb

The Rhode Island Reds Cover.jpg
If ever a breed has been blest by being pushed by a loyal lot of fanciers and breeders, it is the Rhode Island Red. These same breeders tell us the breed itself has won its own popularity and overcome almost insurmountable obstacles in the way of prejudice, etc., by its grand utility qualities.

American breeders have in the past originated and…