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How to Buy Poultry

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The highest quality is U.S. Grade A.

Grade A birds are
• fully fleshed and meaty
• well finished
• attractive in appearance

Grade B birds may be:
• less attractive in finish and appearance.
• slightly lacking in meatiness

Grade B is seldom printed on poultry labels. U.S. grades apply to five kinds of…

Home Canning of Meat

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Many families can chicken, beef, and other home-produced meats to help spread the supply through the year.

With canned meat on the shelf, you'll quickly have a savory stew, meat pie, or many another good dish . . . timesavers for busy days.

Directions given here tell how to can meat safely and so as to hold food value and flavor.

Poultry in Family Meals: A Guide for Consumers

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Flavorful poultry has long been a bargain in good eating. Now it is even more popular because it is available in convenient sizes—chilled or frozen—the year around.

And for meals in a hurry, there's a variety of prepared convenience foods containing poultry.

The mild flavor of chicken combines well with other ingredients and lends itself to…

Poultry Buying Guides for Consumers

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A quarter of a century ago, 1927, saw the small beginning of the present official grading and inspection programs for poultry. From that date on, the U. S. Department of Agriculture has considered the needs and problems of poultry producers and handlers, as well as the interests of consumers, in its work on poultry grading and inspection.