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Chickens and Eggs: 2013 Summary

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This file contains the monthly estimates of the number of layers on hand, rate of lay and egg production, potential layers by geographic regions, and chicken inventories and values by states.
United States Average Number of Layers Up 2 Percent: Layer numbers during 2013 averaged 346 million, up 2 percent from the year earlier. The…

Poultry experiments in 1900 and 1901

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This Bulletin contains an account of experiments in fattening chickens for market, the incubation of eggs stored under different conditions, the relation of mating to fertility of eggs, and breeding for egg production, including the egg record of the breeding pens for 1899, 1900 and 1901.

Poultry Experiments

Poultry Experiments 1905.jpg
This bulletin contains an account of investigations in breeding poultry for egg production; the methods employed in the selection of breeding stock; and detailed accounts of the methods of feeding hens and chickens.

Poultry Experiments in 1899

Poultry Experiments in 1899.jpg
This Bulletin contains an account of experiments in fattening chickens for market and the egg record of the breeding pens for 1899.

200 Eggs a Year Per Hen: How to Get Them. A Practical Treatise on Egg Making and Its Conditions and Profits in Poultry

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We hear a good deal said in these days about the 200 egg hen. Some are disposed to deny her existence, and to class her with such fabulous or semi-fabulous birds as the phoenix and dodo. Others admit that she has appeared in isolated instances, but is by no means common. Others contend that if she should appear in large numbers it would be a…

$6.41 Per Hen Per Year: The Corning Egg-Book

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"Here everything but an egg is a by-product."

These words of Edward Corning hold the secret of the great success of the Corning egg farm. That little farm, with its immense product of "fancy" eggs, is a capital illustration of the great possibilities of specialization when applied to poultry products. The great demand in large cities for a…

Eggs and Egg Farms

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We have endeavored to obtain for the readers of Eggs and Egg Farms the latest trustworthy information in reference to this important and profitable branch of the poultry industry. Almost every person is in a position to make money by keeping a few fowls to supply the daily egg needs of the home table, or a greater number to satisfy the appetites of…

From Chick to Layer: With Complete Feeding Directions by Noted Poultry Authorities

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These articles have appeared in Poultry Tribune from month to month. In the present form they will serve as an effective reminder of the most important poultry facts. To the authors we are indebted for the use of the articles in this form. Here they will serve their greatest usefulness.

How to Tell the Sex of an Egg before Incubation, and How to Tell the Sex of a Chick When Hatched

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There are many devices and ideas being sold on the market which claim to reveal a method of testing the sex of an egg before incubation, or of a chick as soon as hatched. We have tested practically all of these known methods and have found most of them unreliable.

It is only after testing a method that was discovered by Mrs. Noda Fry, of…

Eggs the Year Round From Table Scraps: How Idle Land and Table Waste can be Turned Into Dollars

Eggs the Year Round From Table Scraps.jpg
Few subjects have been so much discussed as that of raising chickens. There are grounds for supposing that the first thing Adam and Eve did after their investigation of the forbidden brought up the problem of the high cost of living was to turn to the hen for a solution.

And there are equally good grounds for believing that the hen made good.…

A Complete Treatise of the Methods Used by Tom Barron, England, in Producing Heavy Layers

A Complete Treatise of the Methods Used by Tom Barron.jpg
Doing over nature, forcing the hen to lay eggs to an extent heretofore impossible has been the life work of the most justly celebrated of poultry breeders, Tom Barron, of Catforth, England; doing the very thing that nature made no provision for is the result of Tom Barron's work with hens, a work teeming with success to a degree that no American…

Profitable Culling and Selective Flock Breeding

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One of the most important advance steps in commercial poultry keeping in recent years, and one that promises to exercise a truly great influence upon the development and permanent upbuilding of the industry, is the more exact knowledge poultry keepers now have of the characters of individual fowls; also the extent to which these characters, whether…

Use of Artificial Light to Increase Winter Egg Production

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After the average person gets used to the idea of the use of artificial light to increase egg production, the first or main prejudice commonly met with is that it is a forcing process; that it means overworking the hens and therefore must result, sooner or later, in an injury to them, or in their physical breakdown. The welcome fact is that this…

Poultry Investigations at the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station

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For many years poultry work has been carried on at the University of Maine. It was not, however, until 1897 that the Maine Experiment Station decided to begin a series of poultry investigations on a somewhat extended scale. Since 1904 this work has been carried on in cooperation with the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States Department of…

The Original and Only

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"Suddenly I saw the trap nest in a new light. Before that it had been associated in my mind with big egg stories and line breeding for eggs. But it has no necessary connection with either. One needn't abuse his trap nests to make his hens too prolific for the stamina of the stock, if such a thing is possible; neither need he lie about their…

Trap Nests

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"...They are like ordinary nests, except that they have doors like a bootjack hanging on hinges from the top, the points of the inverted 'V' resting on the inside of a sill so that it can only open inward."

"Very well, we will make them, and then none of the old maids in the neighborhood will be any the wiser."

So the trap nests were…