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Marketing Eggs by Parcel Post

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Whether the marketing of eggs by parcel post should be attempted by any particular producer will depend on his present available markets, the possibility of securing a satisfactory customer or customers, and the care taken to follow tested and approved methods in preparing the eggs for shipment. Failures in attempting to ship eggs by parcel post…

Buy Quality Eggs With Confidence

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U.S. Quality Standards—Condition of the White and Yolk
U.S. Weight Classes—Minimum Weight Per Dozen Eggs
USDA Shell Egg Certification

How to Buy Eggs

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Look for the USDA Shield
Select by Grade (Quality)
Select by Size (Weight Classes)

Egg-Grading Manual

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This manual is an aid in teaching both beginning and experienced egg graders the correct interpretation and application of the U.S. standards, grades, and weight classes for eggs. It can serve as a guide in short courses or grading schools when supplemented with lectures, group discussions, and demonstrations. This manual should also prove useful…