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Fundamentals in Poultry Breeding

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The breeding of poultry to high standards of productiveness and beauty is one of the most fascinating pursuits in which people of creative instincts and cultivated taste can engage. It is also the line of such work open to the greatest number of people.

In the nature of the case the work of systematic improvement of nearly all our domestic…

Poultry 2004 Part IV: Reference of Health and Management of Backyard / Small Production Flocks and Gamefowl Breeder Flocks in the United States

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For Poultry ’04, NAHMS conducted a thorough assessment to determine the information needs of the poultry industry, researchers, and Federal and State governments. This assessment indicated a need for information regarding bird health, bird movement, and biosecurity practices of nontraditional poultry industries, such as backyard flocks, gamefowl,…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: V. The Bantam Breeds and Varieties

Bantam chickens have a strong appeal to grown people and to children alike. Interest in them is widespread. They are bred extensively for exhibition and are kept also as pets and as utility fowl. The standard breeds and varieties of bantams include such a wide range of shape, color, and other characteristics that any individual taste can be suited…

Standard Varieties of Chickens: IV. The Ornamental Breeds and Varieties

The ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens often have an unusual appeal, and a breeder who may be first attracted to such fowls by their unusual plumage or form may later develop a flock which has decided utility value. Thus the keeping of ornamental breeds and varieties of chickens contributes to pleasure and the possibility of ample reward…