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The Quest of the Leghorn. A Book of Few Theories, Many Facts

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This little work makes no claim to special literary merit, nor to interest, save that which must attach to the mere recital of facts hitherto unknown to American fanciers. We have aimed throughout to give facts and let them stand without much help from preconceived theories. As we would write to a friend the account of what we learned, we have…

Maple Farm of Midlothian: Specialty Breeders of White Plymouth Rocks of Quality and Usefulness

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When you buy a bird, eggs for hatching or Baby Chicks you want all that you pay for. We intend to give every purchaser of poultry from this farm a square deal and we guarantee to live up to the rules of our catalog at all times.

Don't ask us to break our rules; you should know before you entrust us with your confidence and money what you will…

How to Win Poultry Prizes: Plain Directions for Mating, Rearing and Exhibiting Prize Show Fowls

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Man is combative, fond of emulation, and ever on the alert to possess something new. These peculiarities show themselves in various ways : sometimes in the display of dress or equipage, sometimes in trials of personal strength or endurance, and in other cases we see only a generous and good-natured competition about the possession of some desirable…

Poultry-Breeding Stock Selection for Desired Characters

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The objective of the poultry breeder should be the development of a strain that will be acceptable to the purchaser. He must have chickens that are efficient producers of eggs and poultry meat and representative of the breed and variety. Such a project requires pedigreeing, trapnesting, and selecting for a large number of characters. If the strain…