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Survey of small-enterprise chicken operations in the United States

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The National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Small-Enterprise Chicken study was conducted to better understand bird movement and biosecurity practices of commercial poultry operations having fewer than 20,000 chickens. A stratified random sample of 2511 operations having 1000-19,999 chickens was selected from a list maintained by the…

More Poultry Needed

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Standard-bred poultry increases production and improves the quality.

Healthy, vigorous breeders produce strong chicks.

Early hatched pullets produce fall and winter eggs.


The Economic Organization of U.S. Broiler Production

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Broiler production in the United States is coordinated almost entirely through systems of production contracts, in which a grower’s compensation is based, in part, on how the grower’s performance compares with that of other growers. The industry is undergoing a gradual structural change as production shifts to larger broiler enterprises that…

Broiler Farms' Organization, Management, and Performance

Broiler Farms Organization Management and Performance.jpg
This study provides a comprehensive view of the organization, management, and financial performance of U.S. broiler farms. Using data from USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Study (ARMS, formerly known as the Farm Costs and Returns Survey), we examine farm size, financial structure, household income, management practices, and spousal…

The Poultry Keeper

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Began with Volume 1, Number 1 (April, 1884)


The Poultry Keeper makes a bow to its readers and greets them cordially. Though only recently arrived we have come to remain, and trust that the longer we stay the more highly we may be appreciated. We believe there is room for us, too, and that we can assist to bring in recruits and…

All About Broilers and Market Poultry Generally

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In undertaking the task of writing a treatise on broilers and market poultry, it shall be the aim of the writer to overdraw nothing, but to present things in their true light. It is with the object of teaching the novice, and avoiding mistakes so often made by those who take their maiden step into the business, that this book is written.


Profits in Poultry: Useful and Ornamental Breeds, and Their Profitable Management

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The experience of poultry-raisers is multifarious. No one person's knowledge covers the whole range of experiences. The present volume is intended to supply a want in poultry literature which can only be compassed by the comparison of the views of many. The results have in some cases been previously chronicled; in others they are now presented for…

Poultry-Craft: A Textbook for Poultry Keepers. What To Do. How To Do It. Completely Indexed for the Convenience of Busy People

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For those who want to know about poultry keepings for those who wish to learn poultry keeping and for poultry keepers who cannot always remember things they know at the moment they happen to need them, this book was written: to the small army of writers of permanent and current poultry literature nearly every one of whom has in some way contributed…

The Poultry Yard: How To Furnish And Manage It. A Treatise For The Amateur Poultry Breeder And Farmer On The Management of Poultry And The Merits of The Different Breeds

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In presenting this edition of the Poultry Yard to our patrons and readers we have endeavored to make a number of valuable additions, especially in the art of caponizing, which is becoming so popular in this country. We have endeavored to discard theory, and present facts derived from the experience of those thoroughly posted. We lay no claims to…

Poultry-Keeping For Pleasure & Profit: What To Do, And How To Do It

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I have frequently been asked to give my opinion on poultry-rearing in Great Britain as a means of counteracting, at all events to some extent, our imports. The sum annually paid out of England for poultry and eggs is L8,000,000. In venturing to respond to the invitation thus addressed to me by many who have noticed my successes as an exhibitor of a…

Success With Poultry: A Book on Successful and Profitable Poultry Raising, Containing Valuable Information for Persons Who Think of Engaging in Any Branch of The Poultry Business for Profit

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This book is to be compiled in dead earnest. Poultry keeping may be a fad with a limited few but in a vast majority of cases it is a serious matter, a question of bread and butter, of a livelihood, and any book writ-ten or compiled on the subject of Success with Poultry should view the poultry business in this light. We shall not put into this book…

Successful Poultry Keeping: A Text Book for the Beginner and for All Persons Interested in Better Poultry and More of It. Contains the "Secrets of Success" Both for Pleasure and Profit. New and Valuable Information on All Branches of the Poultry Business

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This book is essentially a compilation of the writings and experiences of many practical, observing business men who are poultrymen first, then fanciers or purveyors to the poultry markets as their several interests dictate. We have endeavored to collect the latest and best reliable information for the beginner with poultry, telling him how to…

The Chick Book. From the Breeding Pen to the Shell to Maturity: Contains All the Experience of the World's Leading Poultrymen and All the Latest and Most Trustworthy Information About Hatching, Rearing, Fattening and Marketing Chickens......

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The poultryman's profit depends in a great measure upon his success in rearing the chicks. Success is attained only by intelligent use of correct methods. If the incubation, growth and development of the chick are not attended by such conditions as produce and maintain the good health necessary for building a vigorous body and strong constitution,…

Poultry Keeping: For Pleasure and Profit

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Ancient domesticated Poultry — Ruffs and Reeves — Poultry in the Nine-acre Field — Egg Importations — Poultry- keeping in Towns and Suburban Residences — Hens eating their Eggs — Laying at the best Season — Construction of the Fowl-house — Perches — White-washing — Sheds — Dust-heaps — Height and Size of Houses — Runs — Pining…

Poultry-Craft: A Textbook for Poultry Keepers. What To Do. How To Do It. Completely Indexed for the Convenience of Busy People. Sixth Edition

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For those who want to know about poultry keeping, for those who wish to learn poultry keeping, aid for poultry keepers who cannot always remember things they know at the moment they happen to need them, this book was written: to the small army of writers of permanent and current poultry literature, nearly every one of whom has in some way…

First Lessons in Poultry Keeping: First Year Course

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Before taking up the regular work of this course every reader who intends to follow it through the year should consider carefully a few propositions about poultry keeping. These may not be in accordance with some ideas about it which he has absorbed, he knows not where; but if he is to get much benefit from these lessons he must accept them, at…

Broilers and Roasters : The Specialties of the Market Poultryman

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Why Only Broilers and Roasters are Considered.

This book will treat especially, and almost exclusively, of broilers and roasters because these are the two classes of market poultry in which one making a specialty of growing poultry (chickens) for market is interested. It might be said that broilers and roasters are the only chickens grown for…

The Incubator and Its Use

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I am induced to place this little work entitled "The Incubator and its Use," before the public for various reasons. One is, that we are constantly flooded with letters from all parts of the country asking innumerable questions on the subject, of which the following are specimens: "Which is the best incubaator?" "What is the proper degree of heat to…

"The Kellerstrass Way" of Raising Poultry

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It has been my constant aim in writing this book to use common sense, and to give the public as much good practical information as I possibly could, and remember, that this book was written by a man who is out working with his chickens every day. It was not written by a man sitting at a desk in the office with a pencil, dreaming of what could be…

Chickens and How to Raise Them: All About Chickens, How to Hatch, House, Feed and Fatten Them and Cure Their Diseases

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In the following pages the author deals in a systematic and thorough way with the subjects of natural and artificial incubation, and the rearing of chickens. He commences with a chapter on Nature's method of incubation, then fully describes the wonderful structure of an egg, following with chapters on the development of the embryo, the importance…