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Vertical Stratification of Ammonia in a Broiler House

Vertical Stratification of Ammonia in a Broiler House.jpg
The broiler industry is not immune to the problematic nature of NH3 production in animal rearing facilities. Though the headlines of today focus on environmental impact considerations, the detrimental effects of the house air quality on farmers and birds remain considerable for industry viability. This research investigated the vertical…

Poultry litter compost for suppression of root-knot nematode on cacao plants

Poultry litter compost for suppression of root-knot nematode on cacao plants.jpg
Poultry litter (poultry manure mixed with the wood shavings that are used for bedding or for covering the soil floor in poultry housing units) compost was investigated as an amendment for suppressing populations of Meloidogyne incognita and increasing plant vigor. The greenhouse and laboratory studies were conducted with mature compost produced in…

Volatile Fatty Acids in Suspended Particulate Matter from a Poultry House Using Rice Hulls as Bedding Materials — A Profile of First Flock after Total Cleanout

Volatile Fatty Acids in Suspended Particulate Matter from a Poultry House Using Rice Hulls as Bedding Materials.jpg
Livestock operations have long been associated with unpleasant odors whether it is a swine, poultry, or dairy operation. Unpleasant odorous smell has been generally accepted as part of livestock operations in the past. However, as more and more animal production continues to evolve into major concentrated operations, odor emissions from these…

Hen welfare in different housing systems

Hen Welfare in Different Housing Systems.jpg
Egg production systems have become subject to heightened levels of scrutiny. Multiple factors such as disease, skeletal and foot health, pest and parasite load, behavior, stress, affective states, nutrition, and genetics influence the level of welfare hens experience. Although the need to evaluate the influence of these factors on welfare is…

Artificial Incubating and Brooding

Artificial Incubating and Brooding.jpg
A person who is at all well informed will not dispute the claim that the poultry business in the United States is now an important national industry. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important, not alone in this, but in every other civilized country, for poultry and eggs are much esteemed the world around as a highly nutritious and…

Brood Coops and Appliances

Brood Coops and Appliances.jpg
Every boy and girl club member should provide a good coop for the mother hen and little chickens. If you do not have one already, it should be built before it is time for the little chicks to hatch. Many boys and girls build their coops in the wintertime so as to have them ready for use in the spring, and when this is done a nest box can be placed…

Open-Air Poultry Houses For All Climates

Open Air Poultry Houses.jpg
Henry B. Prescott, practical poultryman, Derry, N. H., believes in fresh air for poultry of all ages. His remarks concerning chicks are of interest: "An abundance of good vitalized air is an important factor in poultry raising. The fresh air chick comes into the world with an especially good lease on life for he is possessed of one of the most…

Eggs and Egg Farms

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We have endeavored to obtain for the readers of Eggs and Egg Farms the latest trustworthy information in reference to this important and profitable branch of the poultry industry. Almost every person is in a position to make money by keeping a few fowls to supply the daily egg needs of the home table, or a greater number to satisfy the appetites of…

The Chick Book. From the Breeding Pen to the Shell to Maturity: Contains All the Experience of the World's Leading Poultrymen and All the Latest and Most Trustworthy Information About Hatching, Rearing, Fattening and Marketing Chickens......

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The poultryman's profit depends in a great measure upon his success in rearing the chicks. Success is attained only by intelligent use of correct methods. If the incubation, growth and development of the chick are not attended by such conditions as produce and maintain the good health necessary for building a vigorous body and strong constitution,…

Poultry Architecture: A Practical Guide for Construction of Poultry Houses, Coops and Yards

Poultry Architecture.jpg
The aim of this book is to give designs of sufficient variety to suit conditions everywhere. Few requests come more often to the office of a poultry editor than those asking designs and directions for some part of a poultry plant. The number and variety of such requirements is surprising.

On the other hand, the very diversity of conditions…

Poultry Appliances & Handicraft: How to Make & Use Labor-Saving Devices. With Descriptive Plans for Food & Water Supply, Building & Miscellaneous Needs. Also Treats on Artificial Incubation & Brooding

Poultry Appliances & Handicraft.jpg
About one hundred and fifty handy devices are explained and illustrated in this little book. These have been selected for superior merit from a much larger number available. Here skilled poultry keepers from all parts of the country have detailed the favorite short-cuts that have saved them most loss and trouble. Many new ideas have been added,…

Use of Artificial Light to Increase Winter Egg Production

Artificial Light.jpg
After the average person gets used to the idea of the use of artificial light to increase egg production, the first or main prejudice commonly met with is that it is a forcing process; that it means overworking the hens and therefore must result, sooner or later, in an injury to them, or in their physical breakdown. The welcome fact is that this…

Making A Poultry House

Making A Poultry House Cover.jpg
To close one's eyes and dream of a home in the country with its lawns, its gardens, its flowers, its songs of birds and drone of bees, proves the sentimental in man, but he is not practical who cannot call into fancy's realm the cackle of the hen.

Having conceded her a legitimate place in the scheme of the country home, good housing is of the…

Poultry House Construction

Poultry House Construction cover.jpg
Hens need a comfortable house which is dry and roomy and abundantly supplied with fresh air and sunlight. It never pays to overcrowd the fowls.

Small or colony houses and long laying houses make good quarters for hens, the best type depending on conditions.

It is easier to keep the birds healthy and to reproduce the stock under the colony…

Poultry Houses

Poultry Houses.jpg
In recent years rural homeowners have developed an interest in backyard poultry operations. These two poultry house plans give basic tips in meeting needs of individual operations.
Plan 6195 features a partially raised floor system with feed and water placed on the raised section. Wire mesh in this location allows the manure to be separated from…

Practical Farm Buildings: Plans and Suggestions

Practical Farm buildings Plans and suggestions Cover.jpg
Describes Dr. Charlemagne Bricault's "New-Idea" Poultry House and the Maine Experiment Station's Curtain-Front House

Trap Nests

Trap Nests Cover.jpg
"...They are like ordinary nests, except that they have doors like a bootjack hanging on hinges from the top, the points of the inverted 'V' resting on the inside of a sill so that it can only open inward."

"Very well, we will make them, and then none of the old maids in the neighborhood will be any the wiser."

So the trap nests were…