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How to Make Poultry Pay: Trustworthy Money-Making Information Covering the Experience of Many Recognized
Authorities and Successful Breeders

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The breeding of domestic poultry has reached a point in this country where the most down-to- date methods must be applied if the results sought for are to be attained. Every year there are thousands of new recruits added to the rank of poultry enthusiasts. They come from all walks of life and are interested alike in making a success of their…

Western Poultry Book: Tells You What to Do and How to Do It. The Chicken Business From First to Last. With Questions and Answers Relative to Up-To-Date Poultry Culture

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In the hope of helping beginners and Others of my friends in the poultry business, and in response to urgent requests for a book on poultry culture from my pen, I wrote a small volume a year ago. The whole edition was sold in a year, and on account of the interest taken in it and the demand for something more, I have re-written it and added…

Poultry for Pleasure and Profit

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The breeding of poultry presents a better opportunity to combine pleasure and profit than can be found in any other safe and sane occupation. It gives the business man something to divert his attention from the cares of large transactions; the shop worker finds in it a source of pleasant recreation, while it adds to the comforts of his home and…

Profits in Poultry Keeping Solved

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In the way of introduction to those who have never heard of me or of my new methods, it is perhaps advisable that I should say something about myself. I was born a poultryman ; my father before me bred fancy stock all his life and from a small boy I gathered eggs, took charge of the poultry, exhibited them at the country fairs and had birds of my…

Poultry Fattening: A Practical Guide to the Fattening, Killing, Shaping, Dressing, and Marketing of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys

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As a Past-Master of the Poulters' Company of London, I very willingly accepted the proffered opportunity of glancing through the following pages, while they were still in manuscript form, and it appears to me, albeit a work necessarily dealing with theory as much as with experience, to be an exceedingly useful and suggestive treatise on the…

Profitable Breeds of Poultry

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In making a start with poultry, to select a good breed and, within that breed, the most suitable variety, is important. The statement reads tritely, but the truth involved is often hidden from the beginner. Since poultry-raising may be entered into, on a small scale, with little capital, and since accounts of big…