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Poultry Experiments

Poultry Experiments 1905.jpg
This bulletin contains an account of investigations in breeding poultry for egg production; the methods employed in the selection of breeding stock; and detailed accounts of the methods of feeding hens and chickens.

Poultry Experiments

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This bulletin contains an account of the brooder houses, houses for hens, and the methods of feeding used at the Station; the Maine Station trap nest; and a feeding experiment with whole vs. cracked corn.

Poultry Experiments in 1899

Poultry Experiments in 1899.jpg
This Bulletin contains an account of experiments in fattening chickens for market and the egg record of the breeding pens for 1899.

Fowls: Care and Feeding

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The wide distribution of domestic fowls throughout the United States and the general use made of their products make poultry of interest to a large number of people. Breeders are continually striving to improve the fowls for some particular purpose, and to excel all predecessors in producing just what the market demands for beauty or utility; but…

Eggs and Egg Farms

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We have endeavored to obtain for the readers of Eggs and Egg Farms the latest trustworthy information in reference to this important and profitable branch of the poultry industry. Almost every person is in a position to make money by keeping a few fowls to supply the daily egg needs of the home table, or a greater number to satisfy the appetites of…

How to Feed Poultry for Any Purpose With Profit

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The aim of this book is to give a working knowledge of the whole subject of poultry feeds and feeding. The conditions of modern life, and the economic developments in poultry culture, and in other interests directly or indirectly related to it, make some acquaintance with the scientific side of the subject essential. A generation ago, under what we…

Best Methods of Feeding

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General Theory and Practice of Feeding

The Feeding of Poultry as a Practical Science is of Comparatively Recent Origin, But Its Development Has Been Followed by Rapid Improvement in Results

Until comparatively recent years, most poultry keepers paid no attention to whether the food they were giving their poultry was suitable or not. If they…

The Poultryman's Formulary: Reliable, Successful, Tested Recipes for Ready-Mixed Grain Foods. How to Prepare Balanced Rations for Poultry, Young or Old. Formulae of Useful Remedies, Condition Powders, Lice-Killing Mixtures, Roup Cure, Egg Foods, Tonics, Whitewash for Spraying, etc

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The Poultryman's Formulary is compiled at the request of many friends who desire to have in brief and convenient form for reference the best of many formulae for poultry rations, condition powders, remedies and insecticides, which I have used from time to time during more than twenty years of practical experience with poultry.

Some of the…

From Chick to Layer: With Complete Feeding Directions by Noted Poultry Authorities

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These articles have appeared in Poultry Tribune from month to month. In the present form they will serve as an effective reminder of the most important poultry facts. To the authors we are indebted for the use of the articles in this form. Here they will serve their greatest usefulness.

Common Sense Fowl Nutrition

Common Sense Fowl Nutrition.jpg
I've explained here, just what ten years' research has taught ;
Though 'tis simple, 'tis all scientific —
To gain it, many discouraging times I have fought.
(Follow) Twill make your hens more prolific.

Not only you can get a lot more of eggs —
Less labor, less fret, less toil :
Old hens in the molt, won't have those weak legs;…

Poultry Fattening: A Practical Guide to the Fattening, Killing, Shaping, Dressing, and Marketing of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys

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As a Past-Master of the Poulters' Company of London, I very willingly accepted the proffered opportunity of glancing through the following pages, while they were still in manuscript form, and it appears to me, albeit a work necessarily dealing with theory as much as with experience, to be an exceedingly useful and suggestive treatise on the…