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The Feather

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A National Journal Devoted to Poultry, Pigeons, Birds, Etc. We make our bow to the feather-loving public. The Feather is designed to meet the wants of those interested in the feathered tribes. It does not fill a long- felt want perhaps, but hope is expressed that it will at least prove a worthy adjunct to the many valuable publications of its kind…

The Eastern Poultryman

The Easten Poultryman Volume 3 Number 1.jpg
Devoted to practical poultry culture. Readers are invited to make any suggestions of changes or new features that would make the paper of greater value. The Eastern Poultryman is published in your interests and we want to hear from you.

The poultry business of to-day is one of the greatest of agricultural pursuits, and the utility side of…

Healthy Animals

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Healthy Animals is an online compilation of animal health-related research news put out twice a year by the Information Staff of the Agricultural Research Service. ARS is the chief scientific agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Each issue profiles one aspect of ARS research. Links take readers to detailed stories on new findings…

National Agricultural Library Digital Collections

The National Agricultural Library Digital Collections (NALDC) offers an easy access to collection materials available in digital format. The NALDC offers rich searching, browsing and retrieval of digital materials and collections, and provides reliable, long-term online access to selected publications. NALDC includes historical publications, U. S.…

Agricultural Research

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's science magazine, published 10 times a year by the Agricultural Research Service in electronic format.

Everybodys Poultry Magazine

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"Everybody reads Everybodys" A National Poultry Publication Devoted to the Best Interests of Poultry and Its BreedersWELCOME 1922 In the previous issue of Everybodys we paid our respects to the year that has just passed and we now welcome the New Year with gladness and with more expectations that it, like its many predecessors, will surpass all…

The Agricultural College Editor

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Bulletins and newspapers have been prominently recognized for many years as means of supplying agricultural information. Only recently, however, have administrators realized that the preparation of information for popular use requires the services of a trained specialist - a specialist not only with a facility for explaining scientific facts in…

The Farm-Poultry

The Farm-Poultry Volume 7 Number 1.jpg
Began with Volume 1, Number 1 (September, 1889)

Several thousand new readers have recently become (or soon will become) acquainted with Farm-Poultry, and it is fitting that we should offer them a word of explanation as to the scope and purpose of this paper.

Farm-Poultry aims to be a practical, helpful poultry paper, the intention being to…

The Plough and The Book: An Address

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The coming work will be with the soil and how to get the best results from it, the improvement not only of our breeds of livestock, but of our grains and grasses, of our methods of feeding. Away in the distance we see a transformation scene in this vista just as we have seen it in our farm implements, or as we see it exemplified every day in our…

Portrait of John Henry Robinson, Editor of Farm-Poultry

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Portrait of John Henry Robinson, Editor of Farm-Poultry

The Same Thing Over and Over

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"...Reading the poultry papers is precisely like talking hens with the most intelligent and enlightened, and where is the poultryman with soul so dead that he doesn't like to talk hens with almost anyone? It is not invariably educational, and one does not expect it to be, if he is an old hand; but it does stimulate and it does strengthen one in his…

The Question of a Feather: How an Editor Got Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

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"…Here was precisely what the editor had always feared—that someone would follow his instructions to the letter, and therefore it had been part of his instructions that they should do no such thing. Before everything he had advised the use of judgment in keeping hens. So that if sister Martha had followed his own instructions to the letter, be it…