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The Home Poultry Book

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No doubt the experts whose eyes chance to fall on this book will say that it is elementary. It is, and purposely so. It is designed first and last for the amateur who has no time and inclination to read technical or semi-technical books on poultry keeping. It aims to tell the man with a few hens what to do and how to do it.

Fundamentals in Poultry Breeding

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The breeding of poultry to high standards of productiveness and beauty is one of the most fascinating pursuits in which people of creative instincts and cultivated taste can engage. It is also the line of such work open to the greatest number of people.

In the nature of the case the work of systematic improvement of nearly all our domestic…

Incubators: Cyphers Brooders, Poultry Houses and Appliances, Poultry Foods, Clover and Alfalfa Products, Insecticides and Remedies

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Among the pages of this Annual Catalogue and Guide will be found two chapters that are of special interest ; one tells of the remarkable growth and present magnitude of what today is known as, the Poultry Industry; the other describes and seeks to explain the rapid increase in the prices of market poultry and eggs during the last six years. The…

Poultry Houses and Fixtures

Poultry houses and fixtures are among the first considerations of a person about to begin breeding poultry. If the buildings are commenced in a haphazard kind of a way disappointments and loss of time are bound to ensue. It will, therefore, be the endeavor in this book to assist the breeder in avoiding the difficulties which arise with a first…

Artificial Incubating and Brooding

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A person who is at all well informed will not dispute the claim that the poultry business in the United States is now an important national industry. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important, not alone in this, but in every other civilized country, for poultry and eggs are much esteemed the world around as a highly nutritious and…

Poultry experiments in 1900 and 1901

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This Bulletin contains an account of experiments in fattening chickens for market, the incubation of eggs stored under different conditions, the relation of mating to fertility of eggs, and breeding for egg production, including the egg record of the breeding pens for 1899, 1900 and 1901.

Poultry Experiments

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This bulletin contains an account of investigations in breeding poultry for egg production; the methods employed in the selection of breeding stock; and detailed accounts of the methods of feeding hens and chickens.

Poultry Experiments

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This bulletin contains an account of the brooder houses, houses for hens, and the methods of feeding used at the Station; the Maine Station trap nest; and a feeding experiment with whole vs. cracked corn.

Poultry Experiments in 1899

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This Bulletin contains an account of experiments in fattening chickens for market and the egg record of the breeding pens for 1899.

Poultry Management

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This bulletin contains an account of the methods of poultry management in use at this Station, including methods of incubation, treatment and housing of young chicks, a description of the warmed and curtained front houses, the trap nests, and methods of feeding laying hens.

Poultry Experiments in 1902

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This Bulletin contains an account of breeding for egg production, including the egg record of the breeding pens for 1902; experiments upon the amount of floor space and other conditions of housing in relation to egg yields ; and experiments in incubation of eggs.

All About Broilers and Market Poultry Generally

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In undertaking the task of writing a treatise on broilers and market poultry, it shall be the aim of the writer to overdraw nothing, but to present things in their true light. It is with the object of teaching the novice, and avoiding mistakes so often made by those who take their maiden step into the business, that this book is written.


Profitable Poultry Farming

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It is customary, in writing a book, to have a preface, and that is the only excuse I have for giving one. I have written this work for the purpose of assisting the novice who has taken on the "hen fever," and would like practical advice with the enthusiasm left off. If I succeed in my mission I am satisfied. I oppose gigantic ventures, as I see no…

200 Eggs a Year Per Hen: How to Get Them. A Practical Treatise on Egg Making and Its Conditions and Profits in Poultry

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We hear a good deal said in these days about the 200 egg hen. Some are disposed to deny her existence, and to class her with such fabulous or semi-fabulous birds as the phoenix and dodo. Others admit that she has appeared in isolated instances, but is by no means common. Others contend that if she should appear in large numbers it would be a…

Profits in Poultry: Useful and Ornamental Breeds, and Their Profitable Management

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The experience of poultry-raisers is multifarious. No one person's knowledge covers the whole range of experiences. The present volume is intended to supply a want in poultry literature which can only be compassed by the comparison of the views of many. The results have in some cases been previously chronicled; in others they are now presented for…

Seventh Annual Cataloge of Cyphers Incubator Company: Manufacturers of the Cyphers Non-Moisture, Self-Ventilating and Self-Regulating Incubators, The Improved Cyphers Brooders and A Full Line of Poultry Appliances, Also Dealers in Poultry Supplies

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Up to six years ago, when the Cyphers was placed on the market, a non-moisture, self-ventilating incubator had never been heard of in America, or in any other country. The Cyphers, therefore, is the original and only genuine non-moisture and self-ventilating incubator. Other so-called non-moisture and self-ventilating incubators are either…

Third Annual Catalogue of the Cyphers Incubator Co

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It will be perceptible to the most casual reader that any incubator that has built up in but two seasons a reputation such as the Cyphers now enjoys as a leader the world over, must have some points of merit over the old style machines which its competitors are manufacturing.

We will here endeavor to show in what way it excels; and further,…

The China Fowl: Shanghae, Cochin, and "Brahma"

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This volume is written with two specific purposes in view: first, to give a brief and succinct account, as far as the record permits, of the introduction into America of the Chinese varieties of domestic fowls, subsequently to the appearance of this notable race of poultry in England (in 1843-44) ; and secondly, to correct the numerous errors and…

$6.41 Per Hen Per Year: The Corning Egg-Book

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"Here everything but an egg is a by-product."

These words of Edward Corning hold the secret of the great success of the Corning egg farm. That little farm, with its immense product of "fancy" eggs, is a capital illustration of the great possibilities of specialization when applied to poultry products. The great demand in large cities for a…

The Plough and The Book: An Address

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The coming work will be with the soil and how to get the best results from it, the improvement not only of our breeds of livestock, but of our grains and grasses, of our methods of feeding. Away in the distance we see a transformation scene in this vista just as we have seen it in our farm implements, or as we see it exemplified every day in our…