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Fundamentals in Poultry Breeding

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The breeding of poultry to high standards of productiveness and beauty is one of the most fascinating pursuits in which people of creative instincts and cultivated taste can engage. It is also the line of such work open to the greatest number of people.

In the nature of the case the work of systematic improvement of nearly all our domestic…

Poultry 2004 Part IV: Reference of Health and Management of Backyard / Small Production Flocks and Gamefowl Breeder Flocks in the United States

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For Poultry ’04, NAHMS conducted a thorough assessment to determine the information needs of the poultry industry, researchers, and Federal and State governments. This assessment indicated a need for information regarding bird health, bird movement, and biosecurity practices of nontraditional poultry industries, such as backyard flocks, gamefowl,…

Myxosarcomas Associated with Avian Leukosis Virus Subgroup A Infection in Fancy Breed Chickens

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Formalin-fixed suspect tumors were submitted to the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center at the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) for diagnosis. Samples were from fancy breed chickens with a history of increased tumor prevalence in both hens and roosters. Microscopically, in all the samples, there were neoplastic proliferations of spindle-shaped…

Non-commercial poultry industries: Surveys of backyard and gamefowl breeder flocks in the United States

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The National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) Poultry '04 study was conducted to better describe non-commercial United States poultry populations, in particular, backyard and gamefowl breeder flocks. To estimate the density of backyard flocks in close proximity to commercial operations, a sample of 350 commercial poultry operations in 18 top…

Furnished cage system and hen well-being: Comparative effects of furnished cages and battery cages on behavioral exhibitions in White Leghorn chickens

Furnished cage system and hen well-being Comparative effects of furnished cages and battery cages on behavioral exhibitions in White Leghorn chickens.jpg
The battery cage system is being banned in the European Union before or by 2012, and the furnished cage system will be the only cage system allowed after 2012. This study was conducted to examine the different effects of caging systems, furnished cages vs. battery cages, on bird behaviors. One hundred ninety-two 1-d-old non-beak-trimmed Hy-Line…

Homemade Poultry Appliances For Poultry Club Members

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THE EXHIBITION or show coop illustrated on the front page can be easily made and is for the use of poultry club members in exhibiting fowls at county and school fairs or other exhibitions. It should not be used for shipping poultry but may be used to take the birds to the show if carried by wagon or other vehicle. It can be made from a dry goods…

Selection and Preparation of Fowls for Exhibition

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This Bulletin has been written briefly and in simple terms for beginners, and especially for members of Boys' and Girls' Poultry Clubs.

Poultry exhibitions are not only of educational value but encourage the desire to excel in producing a high quality of stock.

Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry

The Asiatics. Brahmas, Cochins and Langshans. All Varieties. Their Origin; Peculiarities of Shape and Color; Egg Production; Their Market Qualities; Breeding, Mating and Exhibiting, With Detailed Instructions on Judging

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Mr. Darwin tells us that "sufficient materials do not exist for tracing the history of the separate breeds" of fowls, and it is equally true that sufficient material does not exist for tracing the growth (or evolution) of the domestic fowls of today as a whole, but from what materials we have and by what we can surmise we can piece together a…

Rackham's Poultry Directory

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The third edition of Rackham's Poultry Directory is presented to the fraternity with the feeling that it is even more accurate than the previous editions. Yet there still remains room for improvement and we are ever ready to follow any suggestions that will add to its value. A directory of any kind is one of those things which, when worthy of the…

Poultry Culture: How to Raise, Manage, Mate and Judge Thoroughbred Fowls

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Not long ago I took a journey with an old friend through the eastern portion of Massachusetts. The main purpose of our trip was to find out a suitable place for the establishment of poultry breeding on a very extensive scale. One day, in the course of conversation, my friend said to me: "Mr. Felch, if you will write a poultry book, telling what you…

The A.B.C. of Poultry Culture. A Thoroughly Practical and Original Book by a Practical Breeder. Especially Designed for Beginners

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The author of this work, gives his individual experience here without reference to other works. He says what he has to say plainly, honestly, and with a view to benefit those who read it. He deals in no ambiguous terms or phrases, and does not attempt to be profound, and consequently prosy. This work has the merit of originality, whatever else it…

The American Standard of Perfection

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The American Poultry Association was organized at a meeting held in the city of Buffalo, New York, February 15, 1873. The attendance was composed principally of delegates from state and county associations, prominent breeders and fanciers from different parts of the United States and Canada, and other interested persons. The object was to formulate…

The Perfected Poultry of America: A Concise, Illustrated Treatise of the Recognized Breeds of Poultry, Turkeys, and Water-Fowl

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That the poultry interests of America have long demanded a book like this can not be doubted. The great volume of literature on the subject is so disconnected that it would be next to the impossible to trace the subject-matter with any degree of satisfaction. Therefore, the importance of having in one volume the information pertaining to the…

Standard Poultry for Exhibition

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A Complete Manual of the Methods of Expert Exhibitors on Growing, Selecting, Conditioning, Training and Showing Poultry--Fully Describing Fitting Processes and Exposing Faking Practices--Briefly Explaining Judging for the Amateur and Furnishing The Student of Judging an Exhaustive Analysis of the History, Philosophy and Merits of Comparison and…

How to Win Poultry Prizes: Plain Directions for Mating, Rearing and Exhibiting Prize Show Fowls

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Man is combative, fond of emulation, and ever on the alert to possess something new. These peculiarities show themselves in various ways : sometimes in the display of dress or equipage, sometimes in trials of personal strength or endurance, and in other cases we see only a generous and good-natured competition about the possession of some desirable…