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Facts About: Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing

Facts about Farmer-to-consumer direct marketing 1.jpg
The current revival of roadside markets, farmers’ markets, and “pick-your-own” operations is more than just a nostalgic look to the past. When the Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act, Public Law 94-463, was enacted on October 8, 1976, direct marketing became an officially recognized program.

The Act was passed with the hope that direct…

Opening a Farmers Market on Federal Property: A Guide for Market Operators and Building Managers

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Throughout the United States, the number of farmers markets continues to rise, their popularity spurred by consumers’ growing demand for locally produced food. More than 4,900 farmers markets operate nationwide today—a jump from fewer than 1,800 only 15 years ago. In addition to providing easier access to fresh food, studies show establishing a…