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Selected Articles on the Parcels Post

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The plan of this volume is very similar to that of the others of the series to which it belongs. It contains a brief, a bibliography, and reprints of articles containing the various arguments for and against the parcels post; also, information in regard to the present status of the parcels post in this and other countries. For the convenience of…

Farm and Garden Rule-Book

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Use of the King road-drag

The use of the drag is more satisfactory if the road has first been crowned with a blade grader, but whenever this is not convenient and the traffic is not too heavy, the road maybe gradually brought to a crown by means of the drag (Fig. 19).

The surface of the average country road should be covered in one round…

The Producer's Marketing Guide: The Connecting Link Between Producer and Consumer

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It is the purpose of this book and the intention of the authors to bridge that vast chasm between the producer and the consumer.

Those who work hardest in this world reap the smallest profit. Those who do the drudgery in the factory, mine, or sweat shop pay the highest prices for their scanty living. Our system is wrong. Producers, or farmers,…

Marketing Farm Produce by Parcel Post

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PRODUCER AND CONSUMER will find in this bulletin information as to possibilities of marketing farm products by parcel post. Parcel-post shipments of farm products have been slowly increasing in number since the establishment of parcel-post service, though they will always constitute but a small percentage of all farm products that go to market.…

Meat Situation in the United States - Part 5. Methods and Cost of Marketing Livestock and Meats

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Three general methods of marketing are open to producers of meat animals: through the large public stock yards and packing centers; second, by means of local butchers and packers; and third, in the form of farm-prepared meats.

Investigations conducted by the Office of Markets and Rural Organization indicate that in the United States the…

Suggestions For The Marketing of Cottage Cheese

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Cottage Cheese is rapidly becoming a popular addition to the dishes served in many households. At present, however, methods of marketing it which make it possible for consumers to obtain it in a desirable condition have not been well developed in many markets. This may be due primarily to the somewhat irregular demand and the low cost at which…

Shipping Eggs by Parcel Post

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Parcel Post Business Methods

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Housewives appreciate receiving farm produce which they know to be fresh. Many farmers within 150 miles of cities have regular supplies of high-grade produce, the quality of which they can guarantee. The parcel post offers a means of direct dealing between producer and consumer, with profit to both.

Parcel-post shipments are increasing in…

Marketing Butter and Cheese by Parcel Post

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BECAUSE BUTTER does not keep well unless good storage facilities are available, most families must purchase it frequently and in small quantities.

Parcel post has been found a desirable and useful means of sending butter from producer to consumer, and when favorable conditions exist and proper methods are used in preparing and mailing, it…

Marketing Berries and Cherries by Parcel Post

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WHILE BERRIES AND CHERRIES are grown to some extent in all States and are shipped in carload lots from a large number of stations in 30 or more States, both producers and consumers are sometimes dissatisfied with the existing methods of marketing and distributing these fruits. Poor returns are often received for berries of good quality because of a…

The Use of the Split-Log Drag on Earth Roads

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The earth road is by far the most common type of highway in this country. Its cheapness in comparison with other types of construction and the absence in many sections of the country of rock, gravel, or other hard natural materials for road building will render its use necessary for many years to come.

There are at present in this country about…

The Road Drag and How It Is Used

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ROAD drags are inexpensive implements for maintaining earth, sand-clay, and gravel roads.

They may be made of sawed or round timber.

The cost of drags is from $2 to $10 each.

They usually are operated by one man and two horses.

Dragging should be done after rains, while the road is moist but not muddy.

Teams engaged in dragging…

Earth, Sand-Clay, and Gravel Roads

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According to recent statistics gathered by the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering, the aggregate length of all public roads in the United States is, roughly, two and one-half millions of miles. Of this total mileage, earth roads comprise about 89 ½ per cent, or considerably more than 2,200,000 miles; sand-clay nearly 2 per cent, or 44,000…

Earth Roads

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Drainage is the key to success in making earth roads, and constant watchfulness is the sure means of keeping them up after they are once well made. Water is destructive to any road, especially to a dirt road; therefore, drainage that will at once carry away rainfall or melting snow is absolutely necessary. Again, little breaks in the road may be…

Repair and Maintenance of Highways

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To preserve a properly built or repaired earth road, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that the best method is some system of continuous maintenance. Continuous maintenance prevents the necessity of extensive repairs and keeps the road always in good condition. The operations involved in maintenance are in one sense…

Road Grader Patent 884,497

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Be it known that I, DAVID WARD KING, a citizen of the United States, residing at Maitland, in the county of Holt and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Road-Graders, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in road graders; and my object is to provide a simple, efficient…

Parcel Post Profit From Farm Produce

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This Booklet is intended to convey information essential to prospective shippers of farm products by means of the parcel post, and should be very carefully read before shipments are undertaken.

The producers of farm products now have unlimited possibilities for the expansion of their business. At the post offices where this plan has been…

The opening of the parcels post tunnel, January 1, 1913

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Caption: Mount Middleman is no longer an insurmountable barrier between producer and consumer

Illustration shows that a freight train has departed a railroad station labeled "Producer" in the countryside and is passing through a tunnel labeled "Parcels Post Tunnel" in a mountain labeled "Mount Middleman" that has the figure of a man on its side;…

Parcel Post Wagon in New Bedford, Massachusetts

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A postal employee posed with this brand new parcel post wagon in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Parcel Post Service began on January 1, 1913.