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Selling Honey at Roadsides

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Something distinctive about the sign and the lawn will not only aid in causing the motorist to stop, but will also be a big help in bringing them back again. It is much easier for him to remember your place if there is something distinctive about it; he is much more apt to think of your honey each time he sees your distinctive features than he…

Roadside Marketing in Connecticut

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The Importance of Signs.
The purpose of a sign may be either:
1. To designate the direction in which the stand is located, or to call attention of the driver to the fact that he is approaching one.
2. To attract the attention of the patrons to the name of the person or persons who own or operate the roadside market.
3. To announce the name,…

Roadside Market

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“This plan was developed for the operator who plans to sell a considerable amount of farm produce on the retail market.

Location is an important factor. A market of this size should be on a well-traveled road, since a large volume of business is required to justify the cost of such a building. Ample parking space, off the roadway, should be…

Display Stands For Farm Produce

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Products displayed at fairs or exhibits or on sales stands show well when they are pyramided on one of these semicircular portable display stands.

Honey for Consumer Reaches Markets in Three Main Forms

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Roadside stands have become important in the sale of honey. Beekeepers on well-traveled roads often sell their entire crop of thousands of pounds of honey to passing automobilists and buy from other beekeepers to fill the demand. Attractive stands, with signs leading to them for at least half a mile, and high-quality honey, well packaged, will make…

Roadside Markets

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The officials in this State [Massachusetts] believe in making a distinction between products that have been raised near by and those that have been brought a considerable distance for sale. Officials in Ohio, on the other hand, find no disadvantage in the selling, at roadside markets, of products brought in hundreds or even thousands of miles,…

A Roadside Stand

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A roadside stand may be just a table on the lawn, where surplus garden products can "be displayed for sale from time to time. It may be a more permanent stand in front of the home or on a nearby highway, with a display counter or shelves, and a roof to protect the produce and the attendant from both sun and rain. It may be still more ambitious, a…

Selling Over the Roadside Stand

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A side line on a small farm which brings in fro $2200 to $3700 a year would be termed a successful side line. Such is the record of a little fruit and vegetable stand maintained on the farm of A. Avery of Freewater, Oregon.

Mr. Avery offers for sale at the stand any garden or orchard products of the farm which he deems it advisable to dispose of…

Rural Handicrafts in the United States

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Balancing the pottery cabinet at the opposite or east end of the gallery was an attractive roadside stand designed by members of the Millbrook Garden Club of New York State, who came to Washington to dress it up. The exhibits were kept fresh by daily replacement by one of the men in the Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering.…

Farmers As Their Own Salesman

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The sale of products off the farm is the first step in marketing. The farmer has a choice of several outlets for his goods. If he sells directly to consumers he may get a good price for his products but he must expend much extra time and effort in selling and he must operate his farm so as to maintain a fairly consistent supply. A variety of local…