Housing in Rural America: A Historical Look Back

Home Planning


Farm Housing Project: House "A" , scheme 1 & 2 with Full Text File

Rural Home Planning

Planning to purchase, build, or rent a home is a big step for many individuals and families.  Identifying what you actually need, and then can afford, are factors that should be taken into consideration.  Sometimes, location to work, transportation, and schools are important to consider.  

This section highlights some documents designed to help people select, finance, and build a home in rural America.  Browse the resources to enhance your understanding of decisions made for housing in rural areas of the United States.

Selecting and Financing a Home.jpg

Selecting and Financing A Home

Building that dream house 1.jpg

Building That Dream House: Don't Be Caught Napping

What can a family afford to spend for its housing 1.jpg

What Can A Family Afford to Spend For Its Housing?

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Home Sweet Home: The Choice is Yours, And Not Just Once