Children's Gardens for School and Home


Children's Gardens for School and Home
A Manual of Cooperative Gardening

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Cooperative gardening is one of the newer movements for the education of the young and for the elevation of neglected and unfortunate classes; yet it has already become an important factor in the school and home life of many places under the auspices of school authorities, civic leagues, improvement associations, women’s clubs, settlement houses, libraries and other bodies.

This movement has two motives — the transforming of barren, dreary, ill-kept school grounds and other uncared-for public places into bowers of beauty and good taste, and developing in children love of Nature, appreciation of her beauties and ability to enhance for their own enjoyment and the public good the esthetic effect of their immediate surroundings.

This book has been written especially in the interest of children’s gardens, but it contains much that may prove of value to all who care for this noble art. It is believed that it will be especially valuable in showing what can he accomplished by a slight expenditure of time, money and energy, with a display of good taste, toward turning the waste places of the earth into spots of beauty and wholesome influence.

The author writes in the full confidence that her many years of experience, both within and without the schoolroom, as teacher. Supervisor of Nature Study, Director of a School of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening for Women, and Supervisor of Children’s Gardens have qualified her to be of assistance to those who are desirous of making gardens, but who may not have had the technical training necessary to secure the best results with the least effort.


Miller, Louise Klein


New York: D. Appleton and Company