Facts about Jersey Homesteads


Facts about Jersey Homesteads

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The project is located five miles from Hightstown in Monmouth County, New Jersey, It is approximately 45 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia.

Initiated by the Division of Subsistence Homesteads, December 2, 1933i Jersey Homesteads was transferred to the Resettlement Administration on June 16, 1936, and is now under the supervision of the Farm Security Administration.

The original objectives of this industrial -agricultural community were to demonstrate the feasibility of decentralizing an industry whioh for years has been concentrated in congested areas of large cities amidst slum living conditions and sweat shop working conditions to demonstrate the merits of combining farming with work in a predominantly seasonal industry and one which is subject to the dictates of fashion; to conduct an experiment in cooperative working and living.

Jersey Homesteads includes a gently rolling tract of 1,200 acres, 500 of which are used for farm land and the remainder for 200 homes on one-half acre sites; a community school, factory building, poultry yard, modern water and sewage plants, and sites reserved for future shops and stores.


Farm Security Administration
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