The Farm Garden


The Farm Garden

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FARM GARDENS, maintained on about four-fifths of the farms in the United States as a source of wholesome family food supply, are annually saving millions of dollars for the farmers of the country. A well-cared-for garden will yield a greater return per acre than any similar area on the farm devoted to regular farm crops.

A good garden adds very materially to the well- being of the farm family by supplying foods that might not otherwise be provided. Fresh vegetables direct from the garden are superior in quality to those generally sold on the market, and in addition are readily available when wanted for use.

Certain crops may be grown in southern gardens throughout the winter; in fact, there are thousands of southern farm gardens that produce at least one or two fresh vegetables every day in the year. The northern gardening season may be greatly extended by the use of of hotbeds and coldframes, also by planting the more hardy late-summer and fall crops.


Beattie, James H.
Beattie, W. R.




Farmers' Bulletin: Number 1673


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