Take Care of Pressure Canners


Take Care of Pressure Canners

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Owners of Wartime Canners

Some wartime models of tinned or enameled steel fit tightly over heat units, sometimes causing cracking and crazing of enamel on electric ranges and production of carbon monoxide gas in solid-top gas ranges with bowl burners.

These conditions may be avoided if outer rim of canner is at least three-eighths inch above surface of range so that air may circulate under canner.

Since design of heat units varies with make and type of range, no general method of raising canner may be given for all ranges.

If you have a wartime canner that fits tightly over heat unit so that outer rim either rests on top of range or is less than three-eighths inch above it, get in touch with your local utility company, home demonstration agent, or home management supervisor for advice on use of your canner with your make of range.


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