Youth Can Help


Youth Can Help

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Youth Are Available Again

Victory Farm Volunteers — city and town boys and girls — are again being recruited to help the Nation meet the food emergency. Do you need more help on your farm this year? If so, perhaps youth is the answer to your problem.

The farm-labor shortage in many areas of the Nation is just about as serious as it was in war time. And the need for food is greater. Judging by the job VFV's did in producing more food to win the war, they can be counted on to help produce more food to clinch the peace.

More than ever before, youth and their parents know the importance of food and other farm products. They realize too that cooperation, which gave us a military victory, is the only way to solve our problems in 1946.

Your county agricultural agent, representing the extension service of your State agricultural college, is again responsible for the youth program in your county. The 1946 program — including recruitment, placement, and supervision — is similar to last year's. Information about getting youth to help on your farm can be obtained from the county agent or his farm-labor assistant.


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