Youth Learns and Earns While Helping on Farms With the Victory Farm Volunteers


Youth Learns and Earns While Helping on Farms With the Victory Farm Volunteers

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1. ALL THE FOOD American farmers can produce will be needed in 1946. They have been called upon to keep production at the highest level possible because of the great demand for food here at home and abroad. The world food situation is even more serious than it was during the war.

2. FARM LABOR shortages still exist. Not enough veterans and war workers have returned to farms. Farmers must have emergency labor in 1946 if they are to produce record crops.

3. BOYS AND GIRLS can help farmers in the 1946 production job just as they did in 1943-44-45. Nearly a million Victory Farm Volunteers each year from towns and cities helped to win the war by doing farm work. They're needed again to help clinch the peace.

4. THE VICTORY FARM VOLUNTEER program for urban youth will be continued in 1946 by the Agricultural Extension Service of your Stat^ agricultural college. As in previous years, youth recruited will be 14 through 17 years of age.

5. RESPONSIBILITY AND SUPERVISION on the part of the Extension Service assures satisfactory working conditions for boys and girls who do farm work under the program. The county agricultural agent is responsible for the youth program in each county. Farmers are expected to provide proper supervision for youth at work.


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