Victory Gardens and Farms

Goals of the Program

The Victory Garden Program will:

1. Increase the production and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits by more and better home, school, and community gardens, to the end that we become a stronger and healthier Nation.

2. Encourage the proper storage and preservation of the surplus from such gardens for distribution and use by families producing it, local school lunches, welfare agencies, and for local emergency food needs.

3. Enable families and institutions to save on the cost of vegetables and apply this saving to other necessary foods which must be purchased.

4. Provide through the medium of community gardens, an opportunity for gardening by urban dwellers and others who lack suitable home garden facilities.

5. Maintain and improve the morale and spiritual well-being of the individual, family, and Nation. The beautification of the home and community by gardening provides healthful physical exercise, recreation, definite release from war stress and strain.

Guide For Planning The Local Victory Garden Program 1.jpg

United States Office of Civilian Defense. U.S. Department of Agriculture (1942). Guide For Planning The Local Victory Garden Program, p. 3.

This undated USDA film from the World War II era shows a family engaged in the hard work necessary to create and maintain a farm Victory Garden. At its conclusion, the narrator warns, "No work, no garden....No work, no spuds. No work, no turnip. No tank, no flying fortress, no victory. Bear that in mind all you 'Victory Gardeners' and work for victory!"

(The original film without subtitles is available at: