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Smokey's Fan Mail

Painting of Smokey Bear sitting in chair in his office reading his fan mail.
Ten-Four, Green and Clear

Painting of Smokey Bear and two cubs in a vehicle driving away from a clean lake full of kids playing.
OK - Along the Trail

Painting of Smokey Bear, holding a shovel in his hand and a camping backpack on his back, giving the OK to two cubs who are looking at a camp site occupied by visitors.
Careless People are the Problem

Painting of Smokey Bear teaching two cubs and a variety of animals in the forest. Smokey points to a poster with a drawing of people plus a lit match equals a burned tree. Behind Smokey is a burned down forest.
Trees Give Us Many Things

Painting of Smokey Bear sitting in a chair in his cabin reading a book about trees to the two cubs beside him.
Hurry Up- Here They Come

Painting of Smokey Bear hurrying to finish putting up signs as visitors arrive. Two cubs on top of a picnic table help paint the signs that Smokey is hanging. The signs read "Please Prevent Forest Fires" with a picture of Smokey's face in the center.
Clean and Sparkling Water

Painting of Smokey Bear walking through a stream while holding a shovel in one hand and some signs in the other. There are two cubs playing in the stream.
Protect Our Resources

Painting of Smokey Bear holding a shovel while pointing at a group of visitors looking over a stone wall at the lake and forest. Two cubs hiding in the forest watch the visitors.
Nature's Gold Medal Winner

Painting of Smokey Bear posing with a shovel in one hand and a gold medal around his neck for someone drawing a picture of him. There is one cub holding onto the shovel and another cub behind the tree Smokey is leaning on. There is also a deer on the…
Dear Smokey

Painting of Smokey Bear reading his mail next to his mail box while two cubs play on it.

Painting of Smokey Bear holding a cub and a shovel in a burned down forest. One side shows another cub holding onto Smokey's leg and on the other side is a deer. In front of Smokey is a burned sign that reads "Prevent Forest and Brush Fires".
The Evidence

Painting of Smokey Bear looking at the evidence of a camp fire. The background shows half a forest that is green and full of animals while the other half of the forest is burned down.
Only You . . .Can Help Keep the Dream Alive

Painting of Smokey Bear sleeping in a bed with a cub in each arm. Smokey is dreaming of visitors entering the camp grounds with forest animals near by.
Among the Homeless- Help Prevent Destructive Forest Wildfires

Painting of Smokey Bear holding two cubs in his arms while looking at a burned down forest and cabin with the other animals of the forest.
Trees are Wonderful Friends

Painting of Smokey Bear hugging a tree while on cub is climbing the tree. Another cub is playing with falling leaves.

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