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Quartermaster Corps Front Royal Remount Station Photographs

The collection consists of 106 black and white photographs taken during winter of 1941 at the United States Army Remount Station in Front Royal, Virginia (operated by the Quartermaster Corps). The photographs are captioned and illustrate the process by which the Army cared for and trained animals toward the end of the era of the United States Army Remount Service.

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Statement about Front Royal Quartermaster Depot photographic essay

Pursuant to letter from Offices of The Quartermaster General dated January 23, 1941, herewith is submitted photographic essay of operations at the Front Royal Quartermaster Depot (Remount), Front Royal, Virginia. Signed Pleas D. Rogers, Lt. Col. QMC,…

Purchasing Horses. All horses and mules are purchased by the Officer in Charge, Easter Remount Area, whose Headquarters are located at this Depot.
Soldiers handle horses offered for sale

Soldiers immediately take charge of horses brought to the Depot to be sold.
A new horse is weighed

The new horse is taken at once to the scales and weighed.
A new horse is measured

The horse is next measured for height.
Inspection of a new horse's teeth

Determining the age by inspection of teeth.
Winding the horse to inspect laryngeal membranes

Winding the horse. This is done by violently exercising the horse to determine the condition of his laryngeal membranes.
Veterinarian's inspection of horse's respiratory system

A Veterinarian listens carefully to the horse's respiratory movements immediately following the violent exercise.
A new horse passes inspection

Newly purchased horse. …Sound.

All horses and mules received are placed under the control of the Veterinary Service for branding and testing for diseases common to them.
Animals are received at railroad station

After being checked to determine of they are in condition to go over the trail by a Veterinary Officer the animals are then started over the trail for the Quarantine Area under supervision of the wrangling gang.
Animals are received at designated corrals

Animals being received at the Norfolk and Western Railroad receiving corrals.
Animals herded to quarantine area

Animals being herded by wrangling gang from railroad station to Quarantine Area.
New horse Hercelia Maddox arrives from railroad station trail

After the trip over the trail from the railroad station now entering Hercelia Maddox. (NOTE; Hercelia Maddox under supervision of Veterinary Service. Processing of all animals begins here.)

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