Rose Month

NAL Special Collections is privileged to care for the J. Horace McFarland collection.  Mr. McFarland was a master printer, specializing in nursery catalogs and other horticultural publications.  He kept an experimental garden at his estate, Breeze Hill, near Harrisburg, Pa. Images of the products from his garden were recorded by artists and photographers.  He was a prominent member of the American Rose Society.  There are 11,000 watercolors in this collection.  About one third are images of roses.  

Here are several images from the collection for you to contemplate and enjoy.

National Camping Month

The trees are green, the water is warmer, and the mosquitoes are biting--it's National Camping Month! Special Collections houses a number of collections relevant to camping, such as the Smokey Bear images and the U. S. Forest Service History Collection. We also have the personal papers of a number of camping enthusiasts, as well as countless historical publications in our general collections.

Below you'll find one of the journals of Charles C. Plitt (1869-1933), botanist, professor, and international lichen expert. Plitt was born in Baltimore and began recording his journeys through the forests of the Mid-Atlantic in 1899. These journals include his fellow hikers, lists of found plants, weather and location information, and experimental campfire cooking. From the general collections, there is an instructional bulletin for building a campfire and blending a Lemon Ice.

National Dairy Goat Awareness Week

(June 14-20)

National Dairy Goat Awareness Week is June 13-20, 2015.  The American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) sponsored the first Dairy Goat Awareness Day in 1986. As part of that celebration, then-Secretary of Agriculture, Richard E. Lyng, accepted six baby goats as a gift from members of ADGA to the school children of America.

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first national observance of Dairy Goat Awareness Week in 1987.  In making the proclamation he stated, “We can all be grateful for the significant contributions to our economy made by farmers and others who raise dairy goats and market dairy goat products. American farmers currently raise roughly 250,000 of these hardy animals, which can thrive even in harsh areas and have a long association with our country.” The week beginning on the second Saturday in June has been set aside to honor dairy goats ever since.


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June 2015 calendar page (17mb PDF). 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17.