The U.S. National Fungus Collections Topical Files (MS 454) contain historical records assembled largely by John A. Stevenson during his 33 years of service (1927-1960) as director of the U.S. National Fungus Collections. These materials reflect the history of American mycology and plant pathology and the relationship to the development of the U.S. National Fungus Collections in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Among the materials are over one thousand handwriting samples which we've named the Mycology Handwriting Samples Collection. The actual content of the sample varies widely. Some samples are a lone signature, while others feature several samples of text cut out and arranged on the page. Many American mycologists and plant pathologists are represented, including: H. Ravenel, C.H. Peck, J.B. Ellis, C.L. Shear, G.L. Zundel, G. W. Carver, E.E. Morse, W.H. Long, E.K. Cash, A.G. Johnson, and A.E. Jenkins.