Harry William Schoening (1885-1969) began his almost 50 years of service with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1907 working as a veterinary inspector handling meat inspection for the Bureau of Animal Industry. He retired as director of the Veterinary Pathology Branch of the Animal Disease and Parasite Research Division, Agricultural Research Service. Schoening conducted and supervised investigations into the causes and prevention of livestock diseases. Most prominent among these projects were those involving hog cholera and foot-and-mouth disease.

Photographs shown here are a selection of images from the scrapbook entitled, "Pictorial history of individuals who worked at the Bureau of Animal Industry." The scrapbook contains photographs of Schoening and his colleagues at the Bureau of Animal Industry, as well as photographs taken during Schoening's professional travels. Many of the photographs are well-annotated, with dates and lists of meeting participants.

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