Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogs

The following are digitized covers from Special Collections' Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection. The collection consists of over 200,000 American and foreign catalogs. The earliest catalogs date from the late 1700s, but the collection is strongest from the 1890s to the present. Each image is a digital reproduction of the original artwork. Click on each image below to view a larger image of that seed catalog cover.


For more Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogs, visit our collection at the Internet Archive.

Cover of John Gardiner and Co., 1890. Circle at top left reads 'Japanese Lilies' with scientific names. Main text reads: Field of Irium Auratim In Japan / Seed Annual / For 1890 / John Gardiner & Co. / Growers, Importers & Dealers / In Vegetable, Flower & Farm Seeds. / 21 North 13th Street. / Philadelpha, PA.