Newsletters and other publications put out by USDA agencies, as well as by national farmers' associations, industry and lobbying groups, and other agriculture-related organizations. Non-USDA organizations whose publications are found here include the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Farmers Union, National Grange, National Milk Producers Federation, and state and local groups.

While many titles are represented over a span of years, some items were not collected regularly, so only a few issues may be found in this collection.

The series contains two subseries.

Subseries 1. USDA Newsletters, 1918-1996. 14.5 cubic ft.

Newsletters published by USDA agencies. Included are copies of divisional newsletters such as BAE News from the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, and publications of employee organizations, such as OPEDA News, put out by the Organization of Professional Employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Other titles of interest include Ag Reporter (1964-1990, and scattered earlier issues), dealing with activities and general interest items for employees; Black Unity (1972-1975), a publication for African Americans within the department; and Digest of Congressional Proceedings of Interest to the Department of Agriculture, a brief, daily summary of activities in the U.S. House and Senate (1942-1982).

Files of the official departmental newsletter USDA News (formerly USDA) include an almost complete run of the newsletter beginning with its first issue in 1942. In addition to copies of the newsletter, there are administrative and editorial records from 1979-1984, including budget materials, correspondence, memoranda, production files, and responses to a survey. There are also "agency fact sheets," included as inserts in several issues, 1983-1984, which summarize the history and functions of many of the Department's principal agencies.

List of Titles

Subseries 2. Non-USDA Newsletters, 1941-1994. 10.5 cubic ft.

Newsletters published by national farmers' groups and other agriculture-related organizations, including the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), National Farmers Union (NFU), the National Grange, and state and local groups. There are long runs of Farm Bureau News (1952-1991) published by the AFBF, and the National Farmers Union's Washington Newsletter (1954-1989). There are scattered issues of newsletters from some of the state branches of the NFU, including Iowa Union Farmer, Kansas Union Farmer, and Minnesota Agriculture.

Of note are several publications based in Washington, D.C. that specialize in reporting on the activities of Congress, USDA, and other agriculture-related agencies. Among these are Spade (1942-1945), View From the Hill (1976-1994), Washington Agricultural Record (1973-1993), and Washington Farmletter, also known as Wayne Darrow's Washington Farmletter (1943-1986).

Agricultural cooperatives, corporations, and industrial associations are represent by issues of American Meat Institute Bulletin (1942-1949), News for Dairy Co-ops (1982-1989), and Swift's Dairy and Poultry News (1947-1950). Defense Production Record was a newsletter put out by the National Production Authority, Department of Commerce, dealing with controls on production of agricultural and industrial materials during the Korean War period.

Also of interest is a collection of Work Simplification Newsletter (1943-1956) published by the Work Simplification Laboratory at Purdue University, and known under various titles.

List of Titles

Related material

Additional newsletters may be found in sections of Series I (Documentary Files), dealing with the agencies that issued the newsletters in this series. For instance, copies of the NEAD Newsletter, published by the National Economic Analysis Division, can also be found in Series I, subseries 4, section XI B7b, which holds records of that agency.

Newsletters relating to personnel administration can be found in Series IX, subseries 4. Memoranda of the National Production Authority are found in Series III, subseries 2, Agency Memoranda.


List of Titles

Title of each newsletter is listed followed by the name of the agency that published it ("creator"), along with span dates, other titles used, other creator names, and additional information. The container list gives details of the contents of boxes and folders, and dates of material on file.

Subseries 1: USDA Newsletters

  • Ag Reporter. Employee Services and Recreation Association of the USDA. 1952-1990. Other creator names: USDA Welfare and Recreation Association. Some issues include Credit Union News as one page of the publication. Occasional issues of Recreation Register, published by the League of Federal Recreation Associations, are found as inserts.
  • ARED News. Agriculture and Rural Economy Division, Economic Research Service. 1985-1993. Other titles: ARED Newsletter.
  • BAE News. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 1918-1939. Other titles: Information Circular; Bureau News. Other creator names: Bureau of Markets; Bureau of Markets and Crop Estimates--Office of Farm Management and Farm Economics.
  • Black Unity. Agri Task Force Against Racial Discrimination (A.T.F.A.R.D.). 1972-1975. Member of G.U.A.R.D. -- Government Employees United Against Racial Discrimination.
  • Commodity Economics Division Monthly Activities Report. Commodity Economics Division, Economic Research Service. 1976.
  • Credit Union News. Agriculture Federal Credit Union. seeAg Reporter.
  • Dairy and Poultry Market News, Daily Egg Report. Agricultural Marketing Service, Chicago. 1963.
  • Dairy and Poultry Market News, Daily Market Report. Agricultural Marketing Service, St. Louis. 1963.
  • Dairy and Poultry Market News, Egg Report. Agricultural Marketing Service, New York. 1963.
  • Digest of Congressional Proceedings of Interest to the Department of Agriculture. USDA, [Office of Budget & Finance]. 1942-1982. Annual summaries are included for many of the years 1959-1980.
  • EEO Newsletter. Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee, Economics and Statistics Service. 1977-1981.
  • ERS Employee Assistance Program Newsletter. Employee Assistance Program, Economic Research Service. 1983-1992.
  • ERS Employee Fact Sheet. Economic Research Service. 1988.
  • ERS Newsletter. Economic Research Service. 1984-1993.
  • ESS Administrator's Letter. Economics and Statistics Service. 1979-1981. Other title: ESCS Administrator's Letter. Other creator name: Economics, Statistics and Cooperatives Service.
  • Farm Paper Letter. Office of Information. 1980-1985.
  • Farmers' Newsletter. Economic Research Service. 1980-1982.
  • Foreign Agriculture Circular. Foreign Agricultural Service. 1982-1985.
  • The Friday Newsletter. Forest Service. 1980-1985.
  • FSIS Communicator. Food Safety and Inspection Service. 1987-1993.
  • Inside BAE. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 1939-1942.
  • Issue Briefing Paper. Office of Governmental and Public Affairs. 1978-1982.
  • NEAD Newsletter. National Economic Analysis Division, Economics, Statistics, and Cooperatives Service. 1972-1979. Other title: Division Administrative Report. Other creator name: Economic and Statistical Analysis Division.
  • NED News. National Economics Division, Economic Research Service. 1979-1985. Other titles: NED Newsletter; National Economics Division Monthly Activities Report. Other creator name: National Economics Division, Economics and Statistics Service.
  • News for Farmer Cooperatives. Farmer Cooperative Service. 1951-1975. Other creator name: Farm Credit Administration.
  • OPEDA News. Organization of Professional Employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1963-1996.
  • PMA Weekly Bulletin. Production and Marketing Administration. 1951-1953.
  • Recreation Register. League of Federal Recreation Associations. seeAg Reporter.
  • USDA News. Office of Information. 1942-1996. Other title: USDA.

Subseries 2: Non-USDA Newsletters

  • AAEA Newsletter. American Agricultural Economics Association. 1979.
  • American Meat Institute Bulletin. American Meat Institute. 1942-1949.
  • Civil Rights Update. United States Commission on Civil Rights. 1978.
  • CWAE Newsletter. Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics, American Agricultural Economics Association. 1988-1989.
  • Defense Production Record. National Production Authority, Defense Production Program, Department of Commerce. 1951-1953.
  • Farm Bureau News. American Farm Bureau Federation. 1943-1991. Other title: The American Farm Bureau Federation's Official News Letter.
  • Farmers Union Herald. Farmers Union Publishing Company. 1949-1957.
  • Farmers Union in Washington. National Farmers Union. 1952-1954. Other creator name: Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America.
  • Grange Today. National Grange. 1993.
  • The Heritage Eagle. International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation. 1989-1994.
  • IFAP News. International Federation of Agricultural Producers. 1956.
  • Iowa Union Farmer. Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America, Iowa Division. 1946.
  • Kansas Union Farmer. Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America, Kansas Branch. 1944.
  • The Kiplinger Agricultural Letter. The Kiplinger Washington Agency. 1957.
  • Minnesota Agriculture. Minnesota Farmers Union. 1966.
  • National Farmers Union's Washington Newsletter. National Farmers Union. 1954-1989. Other creator name: Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America
  • National Union Farmer. Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America (National Farmers Union). 1941-1968.
  • The Nation's Agriculture. American Farm Bureau Federation. 1946-1961.
  • The NFO Reporter. National Farmers Organization. 1984-1985
  • News for Dairy Co-ops. National Milk Producers Federation. 1982-1989.
  • North Dakota Union Farmer. Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America, North Dakota Division. 1943.
  • Rocky Mountain Union Farmer. Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of America, Rocky Mountain Division. 1946-1948.
  • Rural America. Rural America. 1978-1984
  • Spade. Spade Publishing Co. 1942-1945.
  • Swift's Dairy & Poultry News. Swift & Co. 1947-1950.
  • View From the Hill. National Grange Legislative News Service. 1976-1994.
  • Washington Agricultural Record. The Washington Agricultural Record, Washington, DC. 1973-1993. Other creator names: Agro/Info; Stroehmann Publications. Washington Farmletter. Webster Communications Corporation. 1943-1986. Other titles: Wayne Darrow Washington Farmletter, Wayne Darrow's Washington Farmletter. Other creator name: Farm Reports Inc.
  • Work Simplification Newsletter. Purdue Work Simplification Laboratory, Purdue University. 1943-1956. Other titles: Farm Work Simplification Newsletter, Agricultural Work Simplification Newsletter, Agricultural Work Simplification Review.