Big Ox

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Unknown. 1839. “Big Ox.” Special Collections, USDA National Agricultural Library. Accessed July 13, 2024,


The American Mammoth Ox, Brother Jonathan. Weighing 4,000 Pounds, or 500 Stone,--of Beautiful Proportions. This astonishing Animal was Six Years old on the 15th May, 1839. Colour, Dapple Bay. Was bred by the Honourable ISAAC HUBBARD, in the Town of Claremont, State of New Hampshire, New England; and imported to England under a heavy Bond to Her Majesty's Customs to reship Brother Jonathan to America in six months. This beautiful Creature was exhibited at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London, seven weeks, during which time 22,368 persons visited him including most every branch of the Royal Family, and the leading Agricultural Noblemen and Gentlemen. He has been purchased by some Gentlemen, for the purpose of exhibiting him thro [sic] the Agricultural districts to shew the laudable rivalry in the Transactardia [?] Brethren. Her Majesty's Government have been pleased to extend the bond. Painted by H. Desy. Onstone and Printed by Fairland. Caption to 1839 lithograph. The copy in the USDA History Collection is a photographic print.Series VII.1, Photographs, Box 7.1/2, file "II. Big Ox [1839]," USDA History Collection, Special Collections, National Agricultural Library.