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M. L. Wilson cartoon. USDA History Collection

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Unknown. M. L. Wilson. “M. L. Wilson cartoon. USDA History Collection.” Special Collections, USDA National Agricultural Library. Accessed February 19, 2020,


Dr. Milburn Lincoln Wilson, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture.  Behind the plowshare on an Iowa farm he built the foundation for an agricultural career that has advanced him from ordinary farmer to a recognized authority on wheat production and to his latest post, succeeding Rexford G. Tugwell.  Following graduation from Iowa State College, he judged exhibits at corn shows and became successively, county agricultural agent, farm management demonstrator of Montana extension service, agricultural economist, student abroad of world wheat trends, and adviser to the Soviet government in connection with experimental farming.  Known as M. L." to his friends, he is a Mason, a Unitarian, and a Democrat.   Hobbies:  Lincolniana, Indian wars of Northern Great Plains and early agriculture."